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Welcome to the mobile decade

The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

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  • the arabesque decade

  • I'd call this decade the Sex Sells decade. Sex is everywhere. Everyone is becoming obsessed with sex, and their sexual image. It's controlling the world now. Music, TV, movies, books. Almost everything is based on sex and sex appeal now.

    And as a result of this, the age kids are becoming sexually active is getting lower and lower. I'm 14, and I hear girls (and boys) my age talking about how they had lost their virginity when they were as young as 11, and I know there are a lot of people who have been having sex even younger than that. I've heard about one boy my age saying that he can't wait till his girlfriend is 13 so he can f*ck her. It's disgusting. Not only is it illegal, it's also changing peoples intentions and reason behind having sex. To the majority of people these days, especially teenagers, sex isn't about 'making love' anymore, it's purely to have fun. Sex is supposed to be about showing someone how much you love and trust them, not just as a quick way of pleasing your desires with someone you only just met.

    This is also ruining the was people think and their attitudes towards life, sexual image, and other people. We all know teenage guys hormones are running wild, and the majority of guys focus everything they do on sex. It's made them become shallower and shallower. Most guys have an image of girls that they want us all to live up to. Thin body, big boobs, round ass, long legs, and on top of that, they want us to dress like a whore, as well as act like one. This has made many young, and older women, to behave and show themselves in this way, to get attention. A girl won't get much attention from a guy unless she's "hot" and wears barely anything while strutting around like she owns the place. If a girl is "hot", he'll put up with whatever personality she has, as long as he gets his physical needs fulfilled. Meaningful relationships with younger teenagers are hard to find now.

    Sex is influencing the media immensely these days too, especially the music industry. Pretty much every single song you hear on current music radio stations these days is about sex. People aren't writing songs that tell stories of hardship and hope anymore. They're writing songs about the "sexy b*tch" they saw the other day, or about how hot that girl's body is, or how massive her boobs are. They're degrading women terribly. I could go on for days on end about how horrible the music industry has turned, but I won't bother. I'll just say this: mostly ALL mainstream music now is about as meaningful as a quick shag behind a bush.

    So yeah, this is what this decade has become, and we're not even a year through yet. It scares me to think about what it will be like in a few years time. Everyone will probably be walking around naked. The clothing girls wear is becoming less and less covering, so it wouldn't surprise me.

  • Zero
  • This decade is about e-revolution indeed!

  • i would call this the Sucky decade. because we have so many bloody changes we don´t choose, natural disasters, heavy bullying, too much raping/kidnapping, and.. lots of stuff.

    but we could also be called the.. Decade of Pollution. i have a problem with fucking pollutors.

    yeaah. nothing GOOD. xD

  • just too fast.....it seems that technology - useful as it is - is moving at an alarming speed and I find myself wishing we lived back in the fifties or something.  I just long for the simplicity of life.......

  • Ну это десятилетие можно назвать ....десятилетием технического прогресса.........ну и упадок тоже есть...и деградация к сожалению тоже((

  • im not sure i would call the 90s the electronic age, but whatever. computers and the internet have come a long way in 10 yrs.   i would definitely call this decade the "Cyber Age" ! i dont see how it can be labelled anything else, considering the technology we have now! 

  • This decade is definitely the techie decade. Almost everyone I know uses technology at least once a day. Before we know it, our lives will be run by technology. I'm kind of looking forward to what the far future will bring. Even if I'm not around.

  • The Age of Unelected Leaders
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