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Don't tease me bro!

Do you think good-natured teasing often goes too far? Have you ever gotten seriously offended by a joke that crossed the line? Have you been informed that your own teasing hurt someone else's feelings?

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  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I've regrettably made some serious mistakes and have had to adopt this verse as the standard for the words that come out of my mouth...

    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephesians 4:29

  • NOTE: I know this is an old Writer's Block question, but I didn't have time to write the entry when it was out.  I was reminded of it when I stumbled upon this news article:

    There was also a related Writer's Block question in the past: What do you think is too serious to joke about?  Answers

    I'll combining both answers into one.


    Unfortunately, jokes have often become disguises for indirect attacks.  Many people have insulted someone, then quickly add, "It's just a joke" or "I'm just kidding."  That is not right.  Besides, there are many things that are too serious to joke about, such as tragedies, disasters, nasty and improper content, dangers, threats, and others' mistakes, failures, and suffering.  For example, when someone failed a class, teasing them about the poor grades will make them feel worse.  Jokes about crime will also lead to trouble.  These are examples of jokes taken too far.

    There are also wrong times to joke, such as when people are in a hurry for important information, and others tease them with wrong information.  That not only misleads the hurrying people, but also wastes their time.

    Unfortunately, I've faced all those joke situations in the past.  Most of the time, I was offended by the jokes or indirect attacks.  However, when I was a child, I've told and written jokes that people took for real, and that led to trouble.  Still I am usually the one offended than doing the offending since I often find jokes a waste of time, which means I don't joke around.

    In July 2010, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown got angry at comedian Kathy Griffin for joking about his daughters being prostitutes on her new Bravo reality show.  I agree that the joke shouldn't be told at all, especially in public.  Prostitution is improper and calling people prostitutes, even as a joke, puts them to shame.

    I've read books and seen movies and cartoons where jokes have been taken too far.  It usually results in people no longer believing what the joken says. A well-known example is Aesop's fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    In the anime and manga, The Prince of Tennis (PoT), Momoshiro Takeshi was miserable after being dropped from the regulars, so he was absent from tennis practice for three days.  Kikumaru Eiji then started teasing teasing him about his misfortune and absence behind his back.  When Oishi Syuchirou scolded him for being insensitive, he not only didn't listen, but also teased him for wearing his shirt inside out.  That resulted in a fight between them.  The teasing had gone too far: it was done at the wrong time, and the issue was too serious to joke about.  Fortunately, the problems were settled the next day.

    Jokes should be about funny things without the intention of putting others down.  They should also not be about inappropriate topics and told at the wrong time.

  • really the jokes never gets old and occurs at any age (that's the worst) I think what makes them bearable is the person, place and time and yes, a few jokes hurt or bothered me to the limit ... I am sure that I hurt someone , I had a big mouth when I was younger

  • если подтрунивает идиот, то почти всегда. отпускали. эммм, да оскорблял шуткой. но была ли она неудачной, тут не согласен, ибо народ ржал)

  • i think it can go too far sometimes. i may have gotten offended but nothing pops in my head. i do remember when i was teasing my friends and they did inform me later that they didnt like it, and so i quit that.

  • I definitely think it can go too far sometimes. The thing is, everyone has a differing opinions as to what constitutes a joke or teasing and what is considered rude or out of line. Also, some people will say mean and hurtful things in a teasing manner as if to mask the fact that they're being assholes.

  • I believe it all depends on the joke, who's saying it, and who they are telling. Let's say you are a college kid...you are all for the drugs, drinking, sex, and all of the college life. You aren't going to go tell someone whos been a nun for 60 years a joke you heard the other night about someone getting laid. But you might tell your best friend who is into the same things you are. It just all depends on whether it's the right place or the right time.

    I have been offended once. And I wouldn't neccessarily call it offended. More like worried and upset because it hit an extreme soft spot. I cried on the spot and made him promise to never joke about that stuff with me.

    Luckily I haven't hurt anyone's feelings by a joke i've said...that I know of.

  • Someonee said something to me once and it right pissed me off so i smacked them in the face, knocked them out and got suspended. (:

  • In my opinion I do think teasing is mean, even if somebody says that they don't mind, it does get to them. I have been teased all my life, and it has gotten to me. People who tease are bullies, they don't care if it hurts. Any time I see someone making fun of another person, I step in and help that person out. People who are rude have issues that's stems from them being teased themselves. I don't tease people because I know what it feels like. I have learned from my mistakes, of teasing people. Karma Is a nasty thing.

  • ...Duh.

    Anyone that knows me properly knows, of course, that I don't take jokes.  And if I do, in any context, I'll take them and shove them right up your ass in the next five minutes.  I know, I know.  I sound like a tightwad and frankly I'm proud to be one.  If you wanna tell me something, say it to me straight.  I don't have the time, patience, or want for most jokes.  So yeah, as you can tell, I'm easily offended by them and take a lot of things seriously.  And yes, I've frequently been told that.  Frankly I think they deserve it.  Joke with me?  See how you like it, bitch.

    Man, I'm doing too many Writers' Blocks today....
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