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Writer's Block


420 friendly?

A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

Answers (791)

  • Да уж!без марихуаны-я б ни знаю как бы жил!вот уже более 20 лет имманентно я курю марию и очень доволен)))))

  • Совершенно не ясно, какое дело Штатам до моего мнения.
    Но я обеими руками "За".
    Почему?! Уже написано со ссылками в моём ЖЖ в посте про Индию, одна из ссылок Алкоголь и никотин опаснее марихуаны, ЛСД и экстази
    Но там много букв, поэтому ... Напишу позже в ЖЖ посты с цитатами в том числе из Теренса МакКенны, у него лучше чем у кого бы то ни было рассказана история Западной Цивилизации с её однобокой склонностью в силу интереса мегакорпораций в сторону Стимулятоных наркотиков.

  • I agree. Marijuana is used by a huge segment of the population, a use that crosses all boundaries of age and class. It is certainly no MORE harmful than alcohol, and quite frankly, if it was a toss up between having my teenager smoking some weed or getting bombed on alchohol, I'd definitely be for the weed - it doesn't make the user aggressive, and has fewer side effects.  Finally, the criminal element would no longer see a profit in it - while our governments would. Taxpayer's money would no longer be wasted on paying for policing services to seek and arrest people whose only crime is to possess marijuana for their personal use.

    But generally, I believe marijuana will NOT get legalized because politicians and lawmakers are afraid of what the mobsters would do to them if such a profitable criminal venture were to collapse.

  • I think it would be a good idea. Alcohol used to be illegal, and now it's not. Pot is not as bad as people think it is.

  • i disagree....b/c i don't like smoke so....it is wat it is...

  • канечно за. от нее вреда меньше чем от табака, а табак к чертям запретить. трава даст людям счастье) пить будут меньше) и наркоманов(настоящих) будет меньше. но конечно нужно сделать специальную бумажечку, на которой будет написано, что мол на работу под кайфом приходит категорически запрещается, иначе уволю нафиг) ну и тому подобные статейки, чтоб держать это дело под контролем.

  • I am not American, but in Australia -- yes I would agree with this policy to a point. For example, I am an occassional smoker and I find that it is very relaxing and it opens my mind to interpreting the world around me in a more placid manner. However I am a "safe" user -- in the sense that there is now way I'd be behind the wheel of a car, operating heavy machinary, in the presense of children, etc.

    If people were to smoke it in the privacy of their own home and to be respectful of other's and so forth, then I would personally have no issue with it. Enforcing it and controlling the sales [etc] would be very difficult and it's not as easy as just legalizing it. Would there be sales tax? Would there be a minimum age like when you buy cigarettes and alcohol? Would some people be exempt?

  • Absolutely. I'm not a user myself but it's certainly far less dangerous than alchohol overall.

  • i have no problem with people smoking pot as long as (like cigaretes) they do it in private. it's a freedom thing, but the truth is that you only have freedom up to the point that it encroaches on the freedom of others, therefor i believe that a person should be allowed to smoke marijuana, but that it should still be illegal to do so in a public area where others would be forcibly exposed to the smoke.
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