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Kids or child-free?

Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

Answers (602)

  • Вместе, вместе и еще раз вместе. И процесс "делания" и уже тем более процесс воспитания ребенка - дело двоих родителей! Ну, это в идеале...
  • I have cared for children since I was a child myself, changing diapers and holding bottles for my baby brothers at seven and eight yrs. old. Babysitting, Mother's Helper, and weekend work with blind children were the teen jobs I chose. I always knew I would want a big family, and though I dated many guys, only ones who really enjoyed kids were considered as a possible life partner. My husband and I have raised seven wonderful kids!

  • That all depends on you and your mate as a joint decision. That is a big decision and can only be made ahead of time with a lot of discussion between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband. Both have to be on the  same page as far as life goals.I  suppose, each of us has a preconceived notion even before we meet someone. All that should be spelled out before hand. NO SURPRISES!!!!

  • I was bonded to Eleanor, but she isn't my real daughter. At least, I'm fairly sure she isn't. Even if she was it wouldn't make a difference in how much I love her.

    Thinking about it now it wouldn't be so bad to have more children. I love kids. I'd be glad to give any of the Little Sisters a home, but they've probably got parents on the surface who're missing them. Maybe Herr Tenenbaum will let me visit the ones that have been saved.

  •  I know one of these days I'd like to have a little ankle biter~ It's one of those joys in life that almost everyone should experience <3 As far as deciding when your ready, well, it should be decided by both in the relationship and only if you know your ready financially and mentally. It's just one of those valuable experiences in life that just make it an adventure <3

  • i decided i didn't want kids early on.i just not the mom type and i like my life the way it is. i am in a relationship and he does have 2 teenage kids from a previous marriage, but he's snipped now & im glad 4 that :)

  • Haha. Well, to be perfectly honest, I always wanted kids, I just wasn't sure when I'd have them. That decision was kind of made for me the day the test said positive. LOL When that happened, we had a long serious talk about what we were going to do, and decided neither of us is a huge fan of abortion, and we'd never be able to live with ourselves if we gave the kid up, so we have our first child due in September. God help that poor kid. LOL
  • Hi blog readers! I know it's been a long time since I've been around. My massive fanbase (read:none) wasn't much motivation to write regularly. So let's catch you up on my life. First, I'm going to graduate high school pretty soon and it's kind of a love/hate thing. Mostly I'll miss my awesome teammates, but at the same time I'm reconsidering dancing in college. I love to dance, but I also love to be in charge, which is why I'm a Captain, but I can't be in charge in college, at least not for a while, (and that would take a whole lot work to get me on par with other college captains.) Also, as I said, I love my teammates, and my new teammates obviously won't be these girls. I'm starting to view college as a new experience, rather than the continuation of high school I was anticipating. You must understand, my college is in my hometown, and many of my current classmates are going there, too, so it's not really an unreasonable expectation. I'm going to move after high school, into a house with Suzie Q. A little, old, adorable house. The problem with this? I have bills to pay! What? You mean I have to be a grown up? It's not that I don't want to work, I'm cool with working. But where can I work that doesn't require me to be 18? See, I won;t turn 18 til the end of the month in which my bills are due. It's a problem. And no, I will not work at Whataburger. Austin's ex-girlfriend works at Whataburger, and she crazy, but that's beside the point. Oh, and when I was little I thought it was water-burger, also beside the point. I got a netbook, she's very cute. This is her first blogging experience. She's a navy Toshiba, her name is Ophelia. By the way, are Hamlet and Ophelia not the most tragic, romantic couple ever. Swoon. I shall write a Hamlet fanfic one day in which Ophie doesn't die and she and Hammy live happily ever after. Anyway.... awkward stuff pouring out of my brain right now. I'll just go. Later, folks. They have the most romantic sex ever. Seriously.

  • I am only 16 years old and recently for some reason I've been talking about children though I haven't made my decision, I'll probably go with having children. The partner that I am with, will most likely be the one I will be with the rest of my life. We have talked about it many times, though I am still unsure of my decision.
  • child free mostly by choice. Kids are great, I enjoy the heck out of my friends kids, but they're also a lot of work. Oddly enough I seem to wind up dating men with kids. I'm sorta in a relationship, we live separately, i dunno if 4 months along qualifies as a relationship, but we're monogomous, he's only 3 yrs older than me but has 7 children, he was married for 14 yrs and all his kids have the same mom. It's just weird to me to know someone with more than 3 kids, i tease him about it, and ask him how his 17 children are doing all the time. I've never met his kids, 'cos they live on a separate island. I just prefer dogs over kids, because they are a lot quicker to train, and never go thru the cruddy teen yrs. Dogs are always happy to see ya.
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