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Writer's Block


Lucky pants

Do you have a lucky or unlucky piece of clothing? If you have a lucky garment, when do you wear it and what sort of luck has it brought you? If you have an unlucky piece of clothing, why do you keep it? Do you ever wear it just to see what happens?

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  • было платье черное, красивое , длинное, но оно было не счастливое, просто потому, что связано трудным периодом жизни. Отдала подруге, у нее оно прижилось) и есть любимые балетки, в которых надо ходить на встречи с заказчиком))) переговоры проходят в хорошем русле))

  • ну ты знаешь мою счастливую одежду....моя любимая рубашка в Ромбики)))

    правда в последнее время я стал ее реже одевать...ибо как то я меняюсь а она нет...)
  • I had a lucky hair pin. In fact, two lucky hair pins. They were identical: white with blue heart shaped polkadots, about an inch and a half long. I write in past tense b/c I realized a week ago that they were not where I thought I kept them. So, yes, I haven't worn them for a while. But I was obsessed with them in the 8th grade. I made sure I put them on, one on each side of my head, before writing any test or doing a presentation. Why? Because these hairpins made me feel smarter. You see, grade 8 was the year I read Voices of a Distant Star at Chapters. The story of love that transcends space and time deeply touched me, and my friend bought the book for me for Christmas afterwards so I read it as many times as I wanted. Mikako, one of the main characters, was incredibly sweet and kind and very very smart. Her hairpins were especially significant in the story. So wearing hairpins like hers made me feel like her, a young girl intelligent enough to be chosen to serve in a special mission on Mars investigating alien existence. That is very smart. The hair clips did work to some extent. Mostly, they boosted my confidence which led to the 'luck' afterwards. I placed 1st in the science fair and qualified for the final rounds of speeches in my grades with them in my hair. But since then I've fallen out of habit of wearing them. And I think I have still been doing decently well.
  • Haha no. I've never considered my clothes anything more than simply being clothes.

  •  oh you bet i have an unlucky piece of clothing, a ratty old tank top with the word "unlucky" written across it. i bought it when i was 12 years old. my first real shirt i had ever bought for myself, i had gotten it because i liked the style of the tank top and its material was comfortable. usually, if i wear this, im in a "i dont give a damn" mood, and usually, good luck will come to me on the days i decide to donn this shirt due to my unsavory mood swings... but every once in a while, i'll get a big ole pile of poo drop on my head from a flying pigeon from up above :/ yes, it' s not the most comfortable or calming of situations, but eventually you just gotta look back on it and laugh, if you cant die laughing, you'll die crying. just a thought.
  • Pants are for gays.
  • I have a lucky condom. I wear it whenever I have sex. Which, for some reason, isn't very often.

  • The wedding was planned real quick.   What with it being shotgun and all, you only got so much time.  The bride steady growin' while her mama's busy sewin'.  So last thing on anybody's mind is what her mama's gonna wear.  It was an outdoor wedding at the park with the reception in the social hall not more than 5 steps away (UberFrau was having a little trouble and walking too far wasn't good for her), so all Aunt Goody, that's her mama, wanted was something nice and easy and not to fussy.  See, Aunt Goody used to be a model and everything she put on she still strutted all elegant like, so she looked good in anything.  But she wasn't so little no more, so she went to Lane Bryant and got something off the rack.

    The dress was perfect.  It had strips of flowers and ivory lace.  Had what they call a Empire Waist on account of Emperor Napoleon's wife Josephine (don't hear them call her empress too much) liked the style way back then.  The bodice is kinda short and stops just under your bosom if your had on a good bra, then belled out just like a tiger lily only upside down, and swayed and swished when you turned.  Aunt Goody smiled and hugged and took pictures and in the sunlight on that late spring day, she looked just like mother nature blessing her daughter's wedding day.

    My wedding was at the end of the summer.  UberFrau was tired and big and looked bout ready to pop, cept she wasn't cuz the baby got up to 12 pounds before he finally came out 6 weeks later.  The only thing she could fit that wasn't a mumu was the dress her mama wore at her wedding.  This time, in a folding chair draped in a white muslin cloth, she sat and played Pachabelle's cannon while my bride's maids walked up the hill to the cross. The wedding guests would later say that if you squint, the whole thing looked like just a painting by Monet.

    Well, UberFrau's marriage lasted only a couple years after the baby came, and mine kinda fizzled on the way to the honeymoon and was done on the first anniversary; and that dress only came out on Sundays or funerals.  My mama did wear it to something once, no good came of whatever that was either.  Then my mama died, and my St.Dad got caught by Flashy, and after only a month decided that all them red flags she was wavin' was valentines and decided to marry her.

    After pointing out the obvious (45 year old beautiful virgin with a un-married pastor who makes house calls at 10:00 at night), I did the only thing I could.  I reached in the back of the closet and pulled out the dress.  It hurts my heart, honest it does, to see my pa so sad and all, and seems they been fightin' since she found out that my mama didn't leave him a whole heap of money, and that's another story; but we treat that dress real special now. 
  • It's not lucky per se, but I've probably spent more time wearing Stanley than not wearing it the past few years. Stanley, by the way, is my black leather belt. It's rather charismatic and inspires my pants to stay up about my waist rather than sagging to my ankles when I'm jumping around performing all manner of ninja-like acrobatics while battling the Royal Air Navy aboard my mercenary airship, the Cassowary... or just when I'm going about the mundane tasks of day-to-day life. I got Stanley as a used belt, most likely swiped from either Kirby or Dad's closet, around 9th or 10th grade. At first its prescribed purpose was to hold up a new pair of jeans which was a few inches too big around the waist and was all too eager to obey the call of gravity. In time I grew so accustomed to wearing a belt, particularly Stanley, that I felt rather naked without one. As a result I started wearing them whether my pants needed extra encouragement to stay up or not. Today I use a newer, nicer-looking belt for special occasions where I must dress nicely, but I continue to use Stanley as my main belt. Though it was all black, clean and shiny when I got it, its appearance has gradually degraded with the passage of time. Much of the black polish has worn off, leaving a rough look to much of the leather. It has a tendency to loosen at times since the soft leather weave has not held up well to constantly getting wet during the countless times I've gone swimming with it on (voluntarily or not, since in all such cases I was fully clothed). Blue flecks of paint dot it in various places as a record of past community service projects. Stanley's smell varies from the odor of ordinary leather, to that of sweat, or even lake muck depending on what activities it has recently been involved in. I guess some people would be disgusted by such a worn belt, but I find that it rather lends character to an otherwise commonplace article of clothing. Besides, worn or not I usually keep Stanley quite clean so that it'll hold up longer. It is by no means a dirty belt. I fully intend to wear it until it either rots off me or I get married and my wife makes me throw it away, because nothing short of an unexpected catastrophe will make me get rid of it. And even then I'll try and keep the metal buckle. I like my belt.
  • Do you have a lucky or unlucky piece of clothing? If you have a lucky garment, when do you wear it and what sort of luck has it brought you? If you have an unlucky piece of clothing, why do you keep it? Do you ever wear it just to see what happens?

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    The thing is with me and clothes is I am ridiculously puritanical when it comes to buying myself nice things ("nooo, that money could pay for a week's groceries!") and equally cheap when it comes to replacing worn-out things - I have underwear from my early teens and socks with holes big enough to put all my toes through like a tramp's shoe. One thing I do have, though, is a plethora of accessories, such as rings, buckles, necklaces, clips etc, a lot of which are just ooo shiny, but a few are significant almost to the point of being a fetish (in the anthropological sense, you pervs).

    This makes getting dressed at times quite a ritualistic process, especially when i'm putting on a suit. Those of you familiar with magickal theory will know the process of "Glamouring", to loan a term from *urgh*, Wicca. For the layman, while kind of a girly way of putting it, this is donning a certain set of clothes, symbolic items and mannerisms in order to achieve a certain effect. So when I put on a suit, adding certain layers such as cufflinks, certain ties, braces, a tie clip etc, even if they aren't visible externally, make me more confident and authoritative. The reverse is also true, though sometimes involuntarily - last week at work I had to go in in my Jeans, boots and Danzig T-shirt, and actually felt twice as big and more confident in the formal confines of the library.

    So anyway, here's a few of my "modern fetishes" (minds out of the gutter, you know who you are):

    My Grandad's Ring - After my Grandfather's funeral a few years ago it was down to my dad, his 4 brothers and I to sort out what would happen to all his stuff. Mostly this was old furniture, crockery etc but there were a few personal effects such as medals, bayonets and a German Army patch (we wondered breifly whether Granda had switched sides for the heck of it during his many, many years of combat, but figured not). Last of these was a gold ring, with RBF embossed on it (Robert Bell Ferguson) and inside the name of my grandmother and the date they got married. Not wanting to sell it to one of those parasitic "Cash My Gold" companies, we duly passed it around to see if anyone's fingers could fit it. Lo and behold, I was the only one who could, and so it passed to me. It's a little bent out of shape from being worn pretty much every day (mainly because I have slightly crooked fingers) but it's staying there to remind me where I come from.

    I also got Granda's braces and waistcoats, but I only seldom wear them; anmely when I really want to put a swagger in my step. I used to wear the waistcoats all the time when I was deputy head boy in High-school/College and I freaking relished looking 10x smarter than any of the other 3 senior students, and most of the people at the Governors meetings.

    My Cowskull Belt - I got this in London during my first field-trip, age 17 (I went to a lame school, leave me alone) on a tour of theaters and galleries, culminating in a visit to the Globe to see some Shakespeare. But best of all, to our eager young minds, was a romp around Covent Garden market for loot. With my usual keen senses I promptly strolled into the greasiest, most threatening-looking Biker Kit stall, and picked out a shiny chrome Cattleskull belt, with long threatening horns. It stabs the shit out of my belly at times, particularly if I sit down (assuming it's not one of those days when I never sit down *facepalm*), but instantly adds +50% to my charisma, and has gotten me a discount in a leather-goods shop on at least one occasion. Best part of the trip, especially since the Shakespeare itself was lame (Measure for Measure, there's a reason no-one remembers you when they think of Shakespeare).

    My Remington-Shell Cufflinks and Winchester Tie-tack
    - These were an absolute steal, and instantly won a place in my "Badass-outfit" arsenal. These are, as you might have guessed, a pair of cufflinks made from the metal caps off some Remington 12-gauge shotgun shells, and a mathching Tie-Tack made from a Winchester. I got them as my first ever purchase at Etsy (the Amazon of homemade goods)  by a guy named Gr0glmann (link'd for your pleasure) who does retro jewelry, and one of the few to do ones for men that i've seen; often cufflinks from Lego, Dice, Coins etc, though for obvious reasons these things are limited availability. As long as you have a Paypal it's a cinch to set up, and Gr0glmann himself was easy to talk to when I made a mistake in my payment method (you can't do Payment Orders from the UK to the US it seems).

    Any Number of necklaces/amulets etc - I'm forever picking these things up, whether they be Egyptian Ankhs or Scarabs, significant stones or religious symbols of one faith or another. Why so vaired? For you fan-geeks out there, it's kind of like Hellboy's pockets of his perpetual trenchcoat that are stuffed with talismans just in case, or John Constantine (movie version) with his set of religious sigils for driving out demons of different faith-systems. For the rest of you, it's like those cool photos Time magazine did of McCain, Clinton and Obama's Lucky Charms that they get given and keep in their pockets. That is, when I remember to keep them on me :(

    My Fedora - To understand the significance of this, I should point out that I have an XL headsize, and this on my *good* hair days. This essentially precludes me from any hat you are likely to find in a hatshop, of any style aside from a beanie, most of which make one look like a Jock asshole. To rectify this, me and Mother went to our local Kangol hat factory (IE, the Kangol factory) to see if I could get a new one. THREE-QUARTERS OF AN HOUR, AND A TRUCKLOAD OF HATS LATER, I finally found one - my brown, reporter-style Fedora which, although it's now a little bent from shrinking when drying out a few times, is still awesome enough to go with anything, as those of you who've seen me IRL sporting that bad boy will attest.
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