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Thoughts on Exercising

Do you like to exercise? Why or why not?

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  • I didn't like it, at first. But now I do it so often, it's actually kind of fun. I have to do it with either my iPod, or just counting to myself. Can't do it with other people, or other people around. Gotta focus. But it's fun, and to see the results? Always worth it.

  • This  writer's block entry was answered in my old journal back on  March 14th  when it was originally posted.  I am answering it in this journal to  extend more on that thought since  I have no desire to  update the entry in my old LJ bc I am getting rid of that lj with in the next three weeks. (Still haven't gotten around to deleting theatretechdiva yet  i will probably delete that livejournal and this livejournal at the same time which will probably be someime in early-mid March perhaps earlier depending on how often I fee llike updating this.

    Anyway the original answer was yes.. I do like to exercise.  I excercise because it's better to get outside and do physical activity  then to sit in front of a computer all day.  I do not excercise as much as  I should but have taken more iniative to exercise more to keep up with my  New Years Resolution to get in  better shape. Bowling, walking the dog and going on hikes in Mine Falls  Park in Nashua with Sonya are part of my  list of activities.    I saw  a story on  Fox 25 news about a month and a half ago about Zumba.   Budget depending  I willl be signing up to take classes at Kathy  Blake Dance Sudio in the Fall.  I am excited.  Rae  told me it was   a blast and judging from the story I saw on the news it does look like a ton of fun.
    As an update :  I joined  Planet Fitness on September 15th and since them  I go to the gym at least  twice a week.   My regemin includes stretching, doing sit ups, lifiting weights and either runing on the treadmill or riding the staionary bicycle for 30 minutes.  I have used muslces  I have never used before when  I excercise which makes me a bit sore upon arriving home from the gym.  As far as taking Zumba goes  right now  I only have enough money in my budget to do one thing. I think  the gym membership is only going to last til after the winter is over so that way  I can do Zumba in the spring.     My goal is to lose 10 points so  I can look good for Matt's mom's wedding on New Years Day. :) 

    Wii is a really beneficial  video game system so I've found. I  really get a good workout playing  wii tennis or wii bowling when i am over Matt's house and the weather is particulary  nasty outside.

  • Exercising is a passion of mine. It always has been. I'm not quite sure why. My parents got me involved in competitive swimming when I was about four. I continued that until I was about fourteen. And, to be honest, I was quite good. I probably should have kept swimming because I would have a scholarship waiting for me, but I just couldn't do it. It consumed my life and I didn't want to be stressed anymore.

    So, then I got into basketball, which was my true love. Everything about it I was obsessed with. I loved not being the best. I loved that it was a "team" sport. I loved that I got to play with my friends. But mostly, I just loved the adrenaline of the game. When high school came around, I was offered a spot on Varsity as a sophomore. Obviously, this was pretty exciting, so I took the opportunity. Little did I know, this would be the reason I quit the sport later on. I got through that year, and it was tolerable. But, by the middle of my junior year, my coach took on this entirely new persona. He's a completely different man on the court than off. I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to quit so many times, but I stuck it out because it was the right thing to do. I'm not playing next year, for obvious reasons.

    I'm going to try cross country next fall. I'm really excited. I've never done it before and it's sort of nerve racking. But, I'm really stoked for how good of shape I'm going to be in.

    Besides school athletics, i try to work out three to four times a week at the gym. My friend Stephanie and I go together a lot.

    So, I'd say that I am in love with exercising.
  • I do pushups and situps three days a week, for a few good reasons. It helps the brain chemicals, a similar, but better exercise regimen is practiced by attractive people on TV, it will help me transition back into karate if I ever decide I want to go back, it might help with cabinet lifting in case I can't find a good job...

  • Yes. It's fun. Especially on the Wii.

  • I don't mind excersice. Sometimes I need the motivation to do it.
  • yea i like to exercise to keep in shape and fit but what gets me is when i don't feel like working out then i just altogether, i just stop working out. When i start to work out again i need to make a plan and stick with it or eles i'm just going to stop again.
  • I really didn't like any of the more current blocks and yet I'm having some problems with writing right now.

    Yes, I do like to exercise. I'm limited in what types of exercise I can do because of a physical disability. I'm a stroke victim which means I'm partially paralysed on one side. This also effects my balance. I can't swim, ride a bike, jog or even power walk, or engage in activities such as skiing or 4-wheeling.

    I can do some of the simple mat exercises and I can ride a exericycle (don't have to worry about losing my balance, not going anywhere). I try to exercise everyday. It gives me energy, stops me from eating when I'm not hungry, stops me from looking like a blimp, and just generally makes me feel good. Oh, and it seems to help me stay focused and alert.
  • I love exersizing. it makes me feel re energized. Its just the next day i hate. You feel sore or you make up an excuse not to go to the gym. I definelty need to start working out!!

  • well if you would have asked me about a month ago i would have said no..but since i joined the gym i seem to enjoy it more..and if i miss a day or so i feel quilty. after my workout i feel tired but its a good tired..and then i have a burst of enery and i will do some housework..so yes exercise has done wonders for my mood and hopefully my general health..
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