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Writer's Block


High notes

If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Answers (966)

  • Что тут думать - шум морских волн, конечно!

  • Музыка разнообразна как жизнь человека! Нельзя останавливаться на каком-то одном!
  • чего писать не знаю

  • Без комментариев.

  • J-pop/anime
    I just love J-pop (Including anime songs)
    Basically it is the only genre I listen. Actually with some other types of japanese songs.
    I love the fact that most of the song has meaning and isn't really weird/odd generated.

  • Оперетту.

  • Джаз. Именно через джаз в моем восприятии выражается самая высокая экспрессия.

  • My ipod is basically defined by two different genres country and broadway show tunes though the showtunes tend to make up a majority of my library.    I feel each showtune speaks to me in a certain way or represents a certain person in my life.

    I'll use two songs from RENT as examples. Seasons of Love represents my  group of NEC friends and how much they been there for me in difficult times.    I'll Cover You was the song that my first ex boyfriend dubbed as our song. I know no longer talk to him but it fits my  current relationship perfectly.
  • New age or traditional Irish songs. Hell, just anything that sounds celtic-y. I'm in love with that kind of music.

  • not really a genre a band i absolutly LOVE Green Day.so Green Day is what i would listen to
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