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What three things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years, and why?

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  • Me!

  • Все три.

  • пульт от ТВ

    бумажные ЖД и Авиа билеты

    кассиры в супермаркетах
  • Every single thing you use on the computer. Every software program you learned in college. Any printing production program you are an expert in and have been using for years at whatever company. I'm hoping cash and postal mail doesn't go, but it's threatening to. I think paper checks are on their way out, too. This BP thing might end gas powered cars, so I paid off my loan for nothing. Most of my gadgets are obsolete already.

  • I don't actually think this will happen, but it honestly wouldn't be that surprising.
    First of all. Books.
    Like what the fuck happened to books. Obviously they're still there. But now they have the electronic readers, and it's like we don't even need books anymore. I understand that it is better for the environment (supposedly) because it's not using as much paper, but what about the stuff it takes to make the electronic book readers? Regardless, isn't it gonna make everyone blind? Staring at a SCREEN instead of a book. I honestly think it is the dumbest thing ever.  Not that many people have those yet, but the next years, I can see them becoming a lot bigger.

    Second: Regular Flip Cell Phones
    Okay, seriously. What the fuck happened to those? Now they're all the stupid smart phones or full keyboard phones. Sure, there are still regular old flip phones, but not nearly as much as there used to be. I can definitely see those being extinct in the next ten years.

    Third: Hmm... Alarm Clocks
    And another thing. What happened to the old classic alarm clocks? Never everybody just uses there iPod or phone. What happened to the alarm clocks? So much better than ipods/phones....honestly.

    That's what I think.
    The world is going to shit, getting rid of all the old things with new shitty technological things. That's how I see it. I miss how it used to be BEFORE texting and BEFORE facebook and BEFORE all of this.

  • touch. everything is gonna be touch. i wont be serprised if bottoms on a remot are gone as well. lol.
    i think this becase just 2 years ago touch screen was rare && now its in everyone's pockets.

  • Вас это беспокоит ? " Мне все пофигу ,пофигу..."?

  • 1. Landline phones. Because everyone will have mobile phones and wifi net access.
    2. Wired net access. See above.
    3. Desktops. Because everyone will have a laptop to take advanage of the wifi net access and mobility that gives them.

  • Medicine for sure.

    The Internet, maybe.


  • this is an old question, but it caught my attention, and I'm bored...

    - That's the big one. Hardly anyone buys CD's anymore. Everyone buys mp3s or illegally downloads them off the internet. Along with CD's CD players. I still have my "boom box" I guess you could call it, that I received as a Christmas gift back in 1998. It has a radio (with an antennae!) a CD player, and...get this...a tape player. It's been sitting in a dark corner of my room for the past 12 years collecting dust. I recently tried to play a CD on it and it didn't work. CD's are quickly becoming obsolete, if they aren't already.

    - Sadly, everything is going to Blu-Ray. I don't even really understand what the difference is. I guess Blu-Rays are more compact. They come in thinner boxes so that means you can store more of them in a small space. But basically since a DVD is like a CD, DVD's aren't cool anymore. It really sucks for me since I have a growing collection of DVDs, all of which I bought and received as gifts. I really don't want them to become obsolete one day. I remember how shocked I was when VHS Tapes became obsolete, but then I realized the merit's of having a DVD. Um, bonus material, you don't have to rewind it (we totally still have a tape rewinder!), the picture quality is better. Yeah...I love DVDs, will love them for a long time!

    Anything that isn't flat screen or HD
    - We bought both of our televisions in the late 1990s or early 2000's. Both are not HD and both are not flat screens. Both of them, still seem to do the job, but I have noticed slight changes in picture quality on the TVs. When a dark scene comes up in a show, it's very splotchy and hard to see. That gets kind of annoying. Plus, there's always that lingering knowledge that you're not seeing the sharpest picture possible. Like if I was watching that HD show Planet Earth, I probably wouldn't be seeing it the way it was meant to be seen. I don't know if we will ever get a new TV. We have to get a new shelving unit first because a 70 inch Flat screen would not fit in what we have now. I guess I should be thankful that we at least have a color television and a satellite dish.
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