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Marital license

Do you think a marriage license should have a renewal or expiration date, just like a driver's license?

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  • Обязательно, Свидетельство о браке должно так же иметь срок истечения действия, ведь жена имеет срок годности, и у каждой он свой :))
  • Простого истечения срока недостаточно. ГАИ меняет документ, чтобы заработать денег на водителях. Суть прав при замене не меняется. Просто менять свидетельство о браке на новое - это просто пополнять бюджет, который чиновники благополучно распилят между собой. Нужно расторгать брак, если накопились взаимные претензии. Претензий нет - продлевается. Претензии есть - спокойненько расторгается брак, без суда и следствия, автоматически, за истечением установленного срока. Вот тогда будет эффект - "Ах ты стерва, не продлю срок...", или "Ах ты алкоголик...".

  • yes I do believe in certain situations the marriage license should have the option to renew or expire. For example say there were major problems in the marriage, and the couple couldn't afford a lawyer, all they would have to do is leave each other with out a problem.

  • Я думаю, это было бы хорошо... Чувствовать грань...Возможно, это бы ограничивало там, где надо...
  • что-то в этом есть.... нужна практика

  • щку

  • Безусловно должно! =)  Иначе бытовуха надоедает! А так хочется разнообразия! =)

  • Well it'd definitely be awesome if it did. I mean it would make people really evaluate why they're married and ask them to decide if the life they have is the life they want to continue...and it would save a hell of a lot of money and time than a divorce. But then again on the other hand it may cheapen the whole experience if you knew that there was a get out of jail free card with a time and date stamped on the bottom and the whole "'til death do you part" will really mean "Until the expiration date comes." And if it did expire would that mean you'd have to have another wedding to get a new one? Or wait in line all day at the DMV or some other ridiculous bureaucratic institution? Hmmm...tough call!

  • I... think that's how it works already?  Honestly, what does this person think a marriage license is, a license to be married?  If that were the case, I don't think very many couples would make it past the tenth anniversary renewal.  But a marriage license is simply a document issued by the courts that allows a couple to get married in whatever county it's issued in and it already has an expiration date in the sense that the license is only valid up to a certain date and the couple needs to get married by that date.  But once the marriage takes place and the minister, couple, and two eyewitnesses sign the documentation, the couple stays married until they either divorce or one of the spouses die.
  • i dunno, but seriously, there should be stricter precurors prioer to getting one...and prior to procreation.......it' taken for granted far too often.
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