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If you could have the writing ability of one author, who would you choose, and why? Would you exchange writing styles permanently?

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  • Surely, my answer would be a resounding no. I think good writing and although he might have that style or another, I'm sure it would continue as usual. Learning as much as possible of the great authors, but applying the knowledge to my own style?

  • Juliet Marillier.

    I love her work. I adore her work. I want to be IN her work. Even the novels I don't enjoy as much are amongst my favourite books. Her characters are so emotional and sincere. She isn't afraid to write in heart break, but she always gives me the romantic happy ever after I longed for the moment I notice the romantic attachment.
    She is everything I want to be in as a writer,
  • Джек Лондон, человек практически с нуля всего добился, продавал газеты с 14 лет, затем пошёл на консервную фабрику рабочим, устроился моряком, работал гладильщиком в прачечной и кочегаром, попал в тюрьму, всупил в соц партию, поступил в институт, бросил институт и отправился на поиски золота, затем вернулся и стал одним из самых известных писателей и умер от передозировки морфия ) И самое удивительное, что ему не нужно было тянуть истории из пальца, достаточно было только сесть и писать о своей жизни, вот так и нужно жить...

  • hmm.. i think maybe.. jk rowling. or.. stephenie meyer. i know, i know, “sparkling vampires !?”? but i mean her description. and jk’s ability not to describe—i go overboard with my description. i cant help it. i blame jackeline wilson, who had me obsessed with her writing from the ages of 6 to 9. her description is gorge.

    another thing: i can never finish a story. i read way too much for your averege person, and that gives me way too many ideas i cannot put down. so, im a little sad. at least jackie/meyer can continue stories. i cant.

    ps: still disappointed.

    pps: ran out of doritos. D:

  • One of my best girls  , just long enough to write and epic fic:D
  • потому что Цветаевой или Бродским...у них ничего менять не надо...

        Hmm Wow If I Could Write Like On Author? Hmmmm I Guess WoW IDK There are so Many Greats I mean as Far as a Classic Author I would say William Shakspear but...I actually think I would Choose J.K Rowling Because well She gets to actually enjoy the Fame from he Books and See people Enjoy her stories...IDK Thats a Tough question now that I Think about it and No I wouldn't  change permanently...because there's only 1 person who can write just like me....and thats me!

  • Wilbur Smith or J.K. Rowling. Wilbur Smith because his description is beautiful and his writing is simply superb. J.K. Rowling because she creates scenes within your mind and doesn't drabble on and bore you. They're both so imaginative too. Wow.

  • I know half of the people reading this will gag when they read my response, but to be completely honest, I'd have to pick J.K Rowling. I love her ability to create very realistic characters that the reader can relate to and find themselves rooting for throughout the series. The world of Harry Potter is charming and the story is very well laid-out with plenty of things to keep the reader interested. Another thing is that she does not focus solely on Harry, but also very effectively develops the other characters like Hermione, Ron and his family, Draco, and the other students at Hogwarts. As for a permanent change, I'm not sure. Stephen King, Wes Craven (love his movies) and Heinlein are other authors whose writing skills I adore...

  • Anne Rice because of louis and lestat.and no
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