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Raining cats or dogs?

Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

Answers (763)

  • Yes, I love kitties!  They're so much easier to carry around - my other pet is a huge chocolate lab who, even though she's only 60 pounds, can easily drag me around on walks.  And, really, so long as the roommate/partner didn't have a huge dog, and the dog(s) didn't mind sharing a space with cats, I'd be okay.

  • Мне по душе ближе кошки, НО собаки этой любви не мешают. Для меня нет разницы, какое животное предпочитает человек, собаку или кошку, если он принимает и понимает мою любовь к кошкам.
  • Cats. I still love dogs it's just that i prefer not having to pick up the poop.

  • Я живу с собаками,  у меня их много. Появится кошка, значит так тому и быть.
    А вот человек в нашей компании вряд ли появится, какое бы животное он не предпочитал.

  • Well, I like both dogs and cats quite a bit, but I prefer dogs for the banal reason that I'm allergic to cats.
    Also, dogs are easier to train.
  • I'll take a cat over a dog any day. Cats are just more entertaining. Dogs are happy you're home. Cats say "Hey, you're home. Feed me now." Dogs are loyal and trustworthy. Cats are backstabbing little shits. Dogs look at you with love and affection. Cats look at you with contempt. Dogs love to be petted. Cats claw you for petting them. Dogs wait patiently by the door until you get home. Cats break things, knock things over, and piss in your laundry basket for even leaving. All in all, I'd rather deal with a "Fuck you, pinky." than "I love you pinky."

  • Catdog.

  • Хочу завести Котэ!Жена хочет собаку-а будет у нас кролик-тк живём на съёмной квартире и времени свободного не имеем.-Да....с женой жить могу)
  • I've always love dogs. Would love another one but I had one when I was a kid and Eliza REALLY wants a kitty. Since I've never had one before and since I REALLY can't say no to her, a kitty is in the plans for the near future.
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