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Writer's Block


Fuzzy friend

If you could have any fictional creature from a book, film, or TV show as your pet, which one would you choose, and why?

Answers (1016)

  • I guess it really depends. Are they automatically domesticated? I'm guessing not. If they were: I would probabily have either a hellhound from Chronicals of Riddick, or a wolf from Inuyasha. If they weren't: I'd probabily stick to the cute mostly harmless pets like a kneezle or owl from Harry Potter, or summoned animal from Naruto... (I did say mostly harmless, not completely harmless.)

  • That is easy....Snoopy of course. He is hilarious...anarchistic and funny. And capable of so many things....

    He is the reason why we have a Beagle!
    Her name is Lucy as it is a she-dog....but she is almost as hilarious as Snoopy. Only flying and talking are a bit complicated, but I am sure she is already working on that! Right now.....while she is asleep, not on her doghouse (as she does not have any) but on the chair.


  • I want that little bushbaby creature from The Flight of the Navigator.
  • Gurgy. Because I can give him all my munchings and crunchings, and he can jump into a cauldron when I get annoyed at him.

  • I would choose House's cat... I just like cats and he belongs to House... XD
  • walli

  • I would have to go with either Bailey from the Beneful commercials, E.T., the terrier from "Frasier", or the animated sheepdog featured in some of the early '80s British Dulux adverts (the ones that featured a plaintive piano interpretation of "A Whiter Shade of Pale").

  • well, first i thought of pokemon, but really Doraemon would be the best for a pet! ...or actually, I just want his magic pocket.

  • E.T. --- I am fascinated by UFOs and E.T. is the one i really wanna meet and get along with.

  • Dobby the house elf! It wouldn't even HAVE to be Dobby but I'd love to have him. Why?  A number of reasons, there is something endearing about house elves. They're cute and loyal. They clean. They can talk and interact with you. One could be a faithful friend and a servant at the same time. Much as Dobby was to Harry. It wasn't always the best relationship but it was one rooted deeply in all the right things. 
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