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When you're bored at work, home, or school, do you have any guilty habits to pass the time, like reading up on celebrity gossip, non-creative gaming, scanning classifieds/personals, or watching bad TV re-runs?

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  • I kill my time reading and writing fanfic, mostly American Idol/Kradam (see my icon if you're clueless!)these days. The rest of my life I spend playing the great time waster called Farmville... :)

  • Working from home I get easily distracted. I need to make sure that the house stays clean, as I dont like a mess and am here all the time. There are two new puppies to take care of, and one child still not in school.
    Some days though, I just cannot seem to find motivation with what I need to do. This leaves me to watch TV online (Hulu) or play time consuming games. My favorite are those in the time management category, which I find ironic because you would think that I would learn how to manage my time better.
    With social networking )Twitter, Facebook etc) being a big part of my job, its very easy to get sucked into the mindless games that are Farmville and Mafia Wars on Facebook. That right there eats up a tremendous amount of time if one does not have self control.
    As much as I enjoy playing them, its nothing to be proud of when looking at what level I'm at. It simply means that I let myself waste time rather than finding a way to become more productive with the time I have.

  • I stalk ARS

  • Watching favorite series, reading YA fiction, listening to music, surfing the net. Sometimes even cooking. Once I came home from work at 9PM and decided I wanted a soup. And guess what, I was cooking until 12AM and when finished felt great!

  • HAHA I randomly go to the kitchen and look in the cupboard and pantry trying to figure out what I can coook with the ingredients we have lying around.

    I go on facebook .. and miraculously time passes by.

    I sing karaoke XD.

  •         If I don't have anything to do at school, sometimes I write down every thought that pops into my head, then read over it when I'm bored. Some of the things I think of are really funny or stupid sounding. I also realized that I change the subject in my head about 8 times per minute. I'll start off with a really deep thought, then I'll write and write until the subject is about hedgehogs or something. This very entry is proving it because I'm getting off subject. So, yeah! The first sentence is what I do when I need to waste time.

  • Интернет... хотя и это только в познавательных целях, но времени отнимает слишком много... Пожалуй нужно себя ограничивать, выделив определенное количество времени на подобные вещи. По истечении которого заставить себя оторваться!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • О, обожаю разгадывать японские кроссворды!!! Когда училась в колледже постоянно на парах их калякала)
  • If just a bit of time, not enough time to get into a project, then I like to surf silly sites like FMyLife, FaceBook Fails or IMMD or even People of Wal-Mart. Internet sites who's only value is producing a smile from me. :)
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