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What is the absolute worst part of returning to work or school after a particularly long and relaxing vacation? How quickly do you reacclimate to the daily grind?

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  • Да мне все равно: я пенсионер.

  • Вставать рано, начальсто и все, кто работает с тобой бесят....Хотя....
    Ну, еще я очень туплю, после  отпуска и все этому поржаются, как будто человек должен сразу въехать в работу...
    Спрашивают, ты чего тупишь или ты чего, забыла?
    Да, я просто еще головой вервые рабочие дни в отпуске...

  • Мне вот самое неприятное - просыпаться в рань, потому что очень быстро вылетаю из режима. А в ритм вхожу с нетерпением, потому что за время отдыха, каким бы он приятным не был, я начинаю безумно скучать по работе и включаюсь в рабочие будни моментально)

  • неприятно что ты вновь должен делать всё по расписанию. а не когда тебе этого хочется......а вот в рабочий режим войти получается на 2или даже 3 день

  •  It doesn't take me long to get back to my daily school routine. Asides from that, the worst thing about returning to school is having to wake up early. On vacations I usually abandon my sleep schedule ranges/varies a lot so it is extremely hard for me to get it umm... stable.

  • The having to be woken up by an alarm is the worst part! I hate it! But its nice to see people that you havent seen for a while!

  • Период "раскачки" всегда вызывает неприятные эмоции.
  • Мне кажется что самое худшее это не сам конец каникул, а ожидание и заранее сожалеть об этом конце. Потом приыкаешь, а становится проще.
  • I call unfairness on this question. Note how it practically assumes that you hate school, or your job. Although that may be true for a large segment of the population, it's like asking "have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Not as bad, definitely, but the same fallacy is there. *Sigh* - The idea that I SHOULD dislike school, and my job, has subconsciously done me a lot of harm. So I guess I just feel strongly about this.
  • So the last "long [but not exactly] relaxing" break that I had was spent at District Orchestra (was it really just last week?). It was just a little over three days of pure awesome, basically. I got to play with a talented and full sized orchestra with other kids my own age. I met up with some musicians from the county that I'd seen around but never really gotten to know. They're some cool kids ;) The worst part about coming back was going back to my band. Even though the wind section at District Orchestra is maybe half the size of our wind ensemble, it is so mind boggling that the difference is like black and white as far as skill and ability. It was hard not to have the players in the various sections be able to handle the music they were playing. The other hard part was that I miss the kids. I'll see them all again at District Band, but that's not until next month (which is looming, oh God...). It's not so bad for me and the county kids, as we'll all basically see each other as soon as we hit February (for our county orchestra practices), but my new flute and oboe friends? I won't see them probably for a long while (or worse, never again!) once District Band is over. I "reacclimated to the daily grind" fairly quickly. But now my stomach is convinced that I need to eat all the time after like 7 at night because that's kind of what we did at the festival...whoops.
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