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What do you want to do before you die?

What do you want to do before you die?

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  • travel around the world.

  • Before I die I hote to do multiple things. For one I REALLY want to skydive. It would be a lot of fun, and no, I don't think that its that dangerous. We only hear about all of the accidents that happen. It is more likely that you will die in a car. We don't hear of every car accident, but we do hear about every last sky diving accident. Besides sky diving, I would obviously like to get married and have kids. I hope to live somewhere down south either North Carolina or Florida. I hope all of the family will come together on holidays to have fun and be merry. Lastly, I hope to visit Greece, Italy, and Fiji. Naturally, they are all very warm places. :)
  • Find and take a serum of eternal youth and life.

  • get married. skydive.write a novel. use my writing and experiences to impact lives. change lives. be inspirational.... :D

  • Short answer this time:  Get married.

    I consider getting married the ultimate in romantic acheivements, and romance the one area in my life that has proven to be by far the most difficult one for me to find any sort of success with.  To me, getting married would be a much bigger accomplishment than earning a Ph.D. or becoming a multimillionaire, because I know I have the academic capacity and drive to earn that Ph.D. or to become that wealthy.  That's been proven already for me in the past.  But romance?  I have failed so many times in that sense that even when I was a teenager I felt like it'd be more worth my while to plan in my head my ideal funeral service than for a wedding.  So the day I get married would be the day I'd feel like I'd finally acheived the impossible.  And if I ever got to that point, I wouldn't fear death, because I'd know I'd gotten to accomplish the one thing I'd thought I'd never do.

  • When is too early to have a bucket list? I suppose the term is a little morbid and some would rather younger people refer to it as their "goals" or "aspirations".  When we are young we don't have the abilities or means rather, to necessarily conquer all these things we want to do. Therefore why is it so wrong that it is reffered to as the things we want to do or places we want to see before we die?  I think it is also expecting to live a long time, but time is of the essence do not waste it.  My bucket list I hope will be conquered over and over due to the simple fact that it will never end and Iwill continue addind and removing wants or expectations for the rest of my life.

    Most people will say they want to go sky diving, write a book, or complete a triathalon. Most are similar and become generic as if no one can think for themselves anymore. Same goes for the people who want to "see the world", who decides which parts you would see to be considered seeing the entire world? I understand it is your choice to see the places you wish, but it's such a generalized destination that everyone begins to agree and not ask details. 

    I wish to visit every state in the U.S. for no particular reason. Anyone can look at a painting ans say it's beautiful or artistic, however you are your own worst critic, therefore I wish to paint a picture I believe is worthy of hanging in my own house.  I want to build my own dark room into my future home to develope my own photography and possible sell some.  I'd like to travel the Alaskan Highway to see Canada, the scenery, the wildlife, etc and visit another country.  My top two would most definitely include conquering my fears, since they seem to have spiraled out of control, and to have a beautiful family.

    As of today that is what I want. Tomorrow I may encounter something else or more specific I wish to complete or endure. Tomorrow I may begin a journey to accomplish one to remove as well.
  • наконец-то стать лучшим человеком чем я есть сейчас. из менее глобальных желаний - совершить какое-нибудь путешествие по миру, прочитать некоторые книги и пробежать марафон. In english: finally become a better person than i am now, rcertain classical novels, travel the world - so many places i wanna go to!! and run a marathon.

  • I would say that this question is difficult, i want to do ALOT of things before i die.i know my mother has never been overseas. shes only been in the U.S. and to south america. shes never been to europe or asia or anywhere over in the eastern hemisphere. thats just wild to me. im 70% sure my father hasnt either. i really need to do that before I die. I want to bungee jump (yes, kinda typical for some, but i feel like i need to do that), its such a thrill, and some days, thats what i live for. if i wake up feeling crappy, i look in the mirror and i say: "dammit dani!! you are awesome! your too amazing of a person to go out and feel like shit today! be BOLD in whatever way you can!" and then, i take whatever opportunity to be bold for the rest of the day. it makes me feel great. anyway, i need to have at least one child, but then when that time of the month comes, I need loads of motrin because i get terrible period cramps, they are so bad that i feel nauseous. on those days, i doubt that i could ever have a child, but i try to convince myself that it would be worth it *giggle*. I want to get married and i know it will be a hard time for me to pick someone to marry because i'm so selective and i dont really want to get divorced at any time in my life. I need to write a book because i have alot to say, and i love some of the stories i come up with in my head, its just great. i love books, over the past few months, ive become a total book geek =P. I have alot of things I want to do. I want meet many people, i want to help many people, i want to save lives, i want to love with all my heart everyday and i want most of all right now to stop feeling like i'm just so mixed up everyday. i have many parts of me that are just fumbled in a corner, and i need to sort little by little everyday. i want to be happy during my young years, and for the past year and a half, everything has been changing alot. its my time to grow up and deal with things, and im trying my best. noone else is going to sort out my life for me, and although im fifteen, I know that im pretty mature and strong-minded from my age. I dont doubt either of those things about myself. well, overall, there are alot of things i want to do before i die, maybe one day i'll try making a real list. =)
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