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How do you feel about human cloning? Do you think the long-term societal impact will be positive or negative? Why?

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  • ever seen that pbs special on trees that were spliced instead of grown from seed? It made all the trees the same so when there was a virus, none of them were genetically dispositioned to fight it and the all died. messing with genetics in the long run will only make our species weaker.

  • I think it will be boring see the same faces over and over again.

  • human cloning? another stupid question from the fucking bot of LJ. are u kidding me man? we can't clone shit. we can not even get our dicks up and u think we have time for cloning people? we can't talk to the already born, we can't live with them and you want to make more? imagine HUMAN ASSHOLES AND FACES AND HANDS coming out of a machine hole that spits 'em like tennis balls. horror. u have too many TV sets in your head. wake up.

  • I think it's like abortion or religion.  Now that its out there, it won't go away.  People will make a big deal out of it every now and then but nothing major will change.  Inertia is a very strong force. 
    I don't think it can be just positive or just negitive - issues like this have both positive and negative effects.  For some people it might improve their lives - for example, someone who cannot have biological children, or someone who needs specific cloned pieces to help mannage cancer.  However, there could be psycological concerns with children who are clones and not 'unique' individuals, but I imagine it cannot be that different from an adopted child's feeling towards a birth child of their adoptive parents.
    I personally am adopted, and I feel no particular detrimental effects stemming from the fact that I was not wanted by my birth parents.  This is not, of course, the case for all adopted children.

    Of course, the question was more geared towards long term societal impact rather than individual impacts.  Again, I would have to say that I suspect it could go one of two ways.  There could be a short-term (I mean several generations worth) devide between those who have and those who have not been cloned (assuming that the process becomes much more common than it is now - which I actually doubt will happen any time soon) similar to the racial prejudice against those of African decent during and after the time of the North American Plantation-Slave Trade.  I suspect a similar Civil Rights movement would then occur returning the base state of society to a more 'problem-which-is-not-a-problem' situation.  The other possibility is that those who are clones will simply integrate quietly into society with little to no notice either way, with the 'clone/notclone' issue become a matter of mild curiosity and vague interest, much like someone having an interesting and different vocal accent.

    Oops, I wrote a bit more than I meant to - sorry to those who have this on their friends page...

  • I think its stupid that cloning has special rules when it should be governed by the laws in place that make up its procedures.  

    1.  is artificial insemination legal in the area where the cloning would happen?  If so there is no  reason to restrict the creation of clones as there is no difference in the two.  Its a egg fertilized without sex.

    2.  is abortion legal during the first two trimesters in the area where the cloning would happen?  If so, yet again, we have no justification for preventing using cloned embryos for research as the governing area deems the destruction of a fertilized human cell prior to full maturity to be legal.

    If you have a problem with cloning then you should be argueing against those other two issues.  But unless BOTH of those issues are outlawed shut the hell up about cloning.  That said I think cloning for research should be legal and that the understanding of genetics we get as a result will help developement of medicinal practices and technology leading to a higher quality of life for all humanity.  I think it is a bigger 'sin' to not to persue knowledge.
  • The thought of human cloning bothers the heck out of me. I think it is terrible. If human cloning starts to take place in the future it will be sad because the individuality aspect of human life will be gone. Everyone will act the same, dress the same, speak the same, and think the same. We would be like walking computers. The long-term societal impact would definitely be negative.

  • I think it will be positive. Cloning will solve a lot of medical problems and it can help a lot of people, as long as clones are not used as subjects. People need to think clones as people, because the result is that people are creating more people, pretty much like giving birth to a child. But there are all sorts of people, and there are all sorts of reactions. Cloning will certainly create a new form of racism towards clones, but it will not be more fierce than any other sort of racism towards any other sort of people. Love, same as hate, exist within people, and nothing can change that.  With clones we need to realize that it is US who create them, and it is OUR responsibility. We cannot create and destroy humans just like that. But with responsibility I think everything can be alright at the end.

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