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Obama drama

How do you think President Obama is doing so far? If you're an American citizen, would you vote the same way (whether for or against)? If you're not, what's your take on Obama's performance? Did his State of the Union address sway your opinion in any way?

Answers (346)

  •    Обама - это тот человек, который должен быть вывести войска из Ирака и восстановить экономику США. Однако ни то ни другое он не сделал, и если восстановить экономику оказалось затруднительно с экономической точке зрения, то вывести войска из Ирака оказалось сложным с эгоистической позиции, но скорее всего войска оставлены в Ираке для удержания ситуации под контролем. Ирак сейчас - это страна, захваченная и эксплуатируемая США. А по-скольку это восточная страна, а США - западная, то понимание процессов в Ираке сложно для правительства США. 
       В итоге Обама - всего лишь марионетка обстоятельств и нужен он был, только для того, чтобы просить жителей США затянуть пояса потуже. Что и с удовольствием делают чернокожие жители америки. Все же гордость за избранника из своей расы наполняет их гордостью.

  • First and foremost I like reimayers picture he put up of Osama Obama bin laden. I didn't vote for him, and I think he's doing a very SHITTASTIC job. and were all fucked!
  • Да он еврей :)
  • i think Americans are damned. president Obama is just a tool (only this time is a black tool). so the bloodsucking goverment will drink blood of other nations anyway so..i am not american but i like american people in many ways but your goverment are bloodfuckingsuckers and warwarshipers and warlords and shit and they need more for the oil and shit. hey, i am always confused with osama, u know, obama, osama bill landen. it's funny.

  • Обама  делает  все  правильно, за  исключением  войны  в  Афганистане.
    Из  Афганистана  надо  уходить  и  чем  быстрее  тем  лучше.
    Пусть  это  будет  проблемой  России

  • I think that Obama is doing, if perhaps not as well as expected, certainly well enough. We as a country had such high expectations for him that we now consider what progress he has made and normal presidential things are considered nothing at all and that has cost him so much approval (through none of his own fault) that he is now almost unable to do the ambitious things he set out to do. He is having trouble passing a health care reform bill because there is no money to have the radical changes he promised and people don't want a compromise. With nothing left to do and nowhere to turn for allies, he seems to be doing nothing even if he is actually accomplishing a lot. Or as much as can reasonably be expected, considering the deep shit the country was left in by the previous president and his cronies, or rather the vice president and his cronies plus the idiot of a president. With that lead-in, what can you really expect? The fact that he hasn't done anything supremely bad is enough for now, in my eyes.
  • Overall I think he is doing fine, and better than I expected. Had I known how he was going to act, I would have been more supportive of him, though I did vote form him during the election. His speeches, and the speeches of politicizations in general, I feel, are not a good measure of action, intent, or capability.

  • I think Obama is doing all that he can right now. I think that America has alot still to do.

  • Obama is an enemy of America and mankind. Let them stop it because people lynching

  • Actually he's doing ok as i see it he has promise to help with the reycylcing and i see it took more effect then i ever have seen itsince the hippy days.
    the gay marrarige rights i know he's tring he actually is tring his best
    shure it make take some time but at least he is doing it not over looking it
    i notice smoking is becoming limited around the place. <3(lyn has lung issues D;)
    and for the girl who could loose her military insurences cause she came out and said she was gay he is working with her
    I'm not going to be hipacritical when im actually pleased with his work that i have noticed
    it's sad how  bush can say now gay marriagement aloud and its completely gone in a snap of a finger but for obama to bring it back is probley stressing him out.
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