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Back from the dead

If you could experience being dead for one day to learn what happens in the afterlife, and were guaranteed to return to life the following day, would you do it? Why or why not?

Answers (842)

  • I wouldn't, because I'd have to come back.

  • Absolutely NOT.  It would be cheating. You die, then you get to come back, now knowing what's there, and you get to adjust your life accordingly to what you discovered? No. Live your life the best way you can. If you're bad/wrong/horrible in any way, maybe you can realize it all on your own and change it before you die. Then accept the consequences of what happens next., when you die and stay dead. Unless of course you have no religion, then by all means, die, come back, die again, I don't care.

  • Cool, a question I love considering.  It automatically makes me think of FAAD.  Go figure.

    So we'll assume that I believe in an afterlife of some sort, which would be true.  My initial answer would be yes, because such an experience could change one's life forever, whether or not it seems to be a good thing.  But then I remember reading that time is different in another place, if it exists, and I think of some of the pain should YHVH choose to send me to Hell, and I wonder if I have a second thought.

    Hmmm.  I think that I can assume that I won't see Hell.  And I'm not thinking of purgatory, though it could exist.  If I get a second chance, I'm not sure that I wouldn't prefer to be destroyed at death. Thing is, I really don't fear it all that much.  The afterlife's not frightening. If I can get through the whole 'dying' thing, I shall be FINE.

    FINAL ANSWER: Out of morbid curiosity, of COURSE I would do it.

  • Yes. I would. I'm one of those people that feel the need to know everything. I do research on my spare time about completly random subjects, just to know more. I think it would be good to know what we have to look forward to. I hate the unknown.
  • No way. Life is for the living. We aren't supposed to know what comes after, if there is an after, and I'd prefer to think there is not. All of that is, and should be, only hypothetical. We all figure out what happens when we die exactly when we are meant to...when we die. That way we can't go back and spoil it for everyone else ;)

  • wow....for me i would have to say no because i'd rather enjoy life and wait for whats to come in the after life....why should you have to see the afterlife...thats why we r given the chance to live life ONCE...dont be scared of whats to come ...think about whats happening in the present...

  • Tekisin. Kiinnostaa syntyykö ihminen uudelleen ilman muistii edellisest elämäst vai katooks ihmisen olemus ("sielu") kokonaan.

    Jos kuolisin nyt, mua eniten kiinnostais tietää toteutuuks mun "viimeinen toive/pyyntö" mun kuoleman jälkeen. Pistetääks mun kaikki käyttökelposet elimet kierrätykseen. Tuhkataanko mut ja kuopataan mökkitontin pöpelikköön männyn alle kaikkien meidän lemmikkien hautojen viereen tai heitetäänkö tuhkat mökin puroon. Mitä mun tavaroille tapahtuu.

    Toiseks haluisin tietää jääkö mua kukaan kaipaamaan..
  • yes i would. i wouldnt pass up on this experience for two reasons. one to open my mind more and two to see if i can have the oppurtunity to see my mom. I like to encounter new expeirences, i love the knowledge of it. Im not the type to just sit back and read books, i have to find things out for myself. I have never had any proof of an afterlife but ive occasionaly caught myself thinking about it, trying to picture it. It would answer my questiuons and curious mind to be able to expeiernce that. Also my mom died when i was nine. I have missed her so much but her living as put me through many experiences i probably never would have been through if she had still been here by me today. Although its shaped me im one of those who would ask for just one more time with her so going on to the after life maybe shed be my guide.
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