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Forever young?

If you were forced to live forever at any age, what age would you choose, and why? What if your memories stopped at your chosen age? How would that impact your decision?

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  • I would choose probably 16 cause thats how old i am now and im reallllllly happy with the way i am and how my life is going but my boyfriend would have to stay that age with me or else he would grow up and be older and i wouldnt but then again id love to be 18 cause you can do whatever so its a toughy but in all i think i would be 18 you have more freedom to do stuff and its like your not too old and your not too young and you can do alot more at 18 then you can at 16 you know. Memories are memories you make them and keep them no matter what age you are each day brings new memories so that wouldnt really be much of a problem!

  • 45.  Yeah I might only be 32 right now but for a second lets just assume -everyone- was immortal (ageless at least) and was afflicted by this condition of hitting a given physical age and then not physically aging any more beyond that.  At 45 years old people who have taken care of themselves are still in their prime barring genetic disorders or cancer.  But its also old enough that people who havent made an effort to care for themselves are noticably breaking down.  Its an age where humanity would still need to take responsibility for how they live their lives without hitting an 'over the hill' point.  Also any younger value than this would make it hard to tell just who is your 'elders'.

  • I would choose age 20, because you're old enough to enjoy adult life, but young enough to still "act young" sometimes and enjoy your youth. Basically, the perfect age for me would be 20 because I would love to be a young adult forever. If my memories stopped, however, I would give it up. I think memories are very valuable - for me, at least.

  • О_о если бы я на это согласилась, выбрала бы 20 лет или 26!
    в 20 наслаждаться жизнью, а в 26 уже иметь какой-то жизненный опыт выйти за муж и обзавестись семьей!
    А на самом деле в душе, я еще ребенок и мне охото тоже по играть в куклы! так что я бы вернулась бы в ДЕТСТВО!!!

  • If I were forced to live at any age forever, I would choose 32, assuming I'm settled down with a family. At 32, assuming I have children, I will retain memories of my parents, siblings, cousins as well as children. Currently at 22, I don't have children, I don't know what it is to be truly independent. In ten years, hopefully I'll have a few things figured out. I would not choose to be eternally 22 because I would always wonder what my children would be like.

  • I still say thirteen...it was such a horribly awkward and disgusting time for me. I couldnt see past my puberty. And I thought that would be the worst to come. I still had my stalker perverse boyfriend that made me feel like the things that were happening were all my fault when really he was just a sick hipocritical fuck.  I even got pregnant by him and naturally I had a miscarriage because I was under so much stress. The enitre time and still to this day he tries to convince me that I was a slut and the baby wasnt his. oh or maybe I was 18 or 19 or 22 I cant remember. I could go look at my medical records to find out but the past is the past right? or is it?
  • Hmmmmmmmm....I guess I would want to stay the age I am now 19, I kinda wanna stay a teenager forever. Don't really wanna become an adult. What if my memories stopped at that age what do you mean by that I don't understand. :/ Does that mean I wouldn't remember anything or what if that's the case I would be a teenager still.

  • If i was forced to live forever at a certain age i would choose 21. Not a child but not quite too old for fun. If my memories stopped i might have issues. though i don't understand how your memories would stop. Would you live the same year over and over again?
  • I'd say 26. Just because I'm vain and would like to live looking young and pretty. Plus I'm not 26 yet so I'd get to keep ALL of my memories! Major plus that. lol. I don't think I'd like to live forever though. I'd like to live for really really long but not forever. Also I'd like the people I love and care about to live long with me. One of the saddest things about that idea to me is losing the people you cherish.

  • I think i would want to be 18, old enough to drive and old enough to drink and be 'mature' yet immature at the same time
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