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Writer's Block

You Make Me Feel Like Writing

What inspires you to write?

Answers (219)

  • Sims Medieval cheas is a resource site gathering all of the various codes and hints for better game play. Many of the codes here are intentional built in by the game developers so don't feel bad for being a cheater if you use them.
  • everything gets me to write i just get it all out of my head an put is on pape or of course my computer i think of all the other ppl out there who have just a bad day or feel like they have the worst life like i do an it just makes me write i love to write poems an short novals

  • Moments where I feel compelled to describe in overwhelming detail, this image I have in my mind. This time, this era, this action. Beauty that cannot be recreated. Inspiration coming to me in all ways. People that touch my life in a certain way. Everyday activities where I can see it in eyes other than my own. This need to write as much as I can when there isn't possibly enough time in the world to do that. A time where I feel captivated. Interested. Fulfilled.

  •  I love writing because it makes me dig through all the shit I build up in my mind to get me through everyday to how I really think and feel.  I love what I uncover about myself and I love the way I feel when the words are just pouring out of me onto the page or computer screeen.  But the thing that usually inspires me to write is when I am in a utter state of despair, when I am just at that rock bottom, lowest of the low places in my life.  Which in retrospect looking back at my writings it looks like I am always depressed.  I also write when i am on the other end of the spectrum and I am feeling inspired.  When I get really hopeful and excited about things I like to write about it kinda like a sucess road map or game plan.  I really want to get better at writing about the rest of life other than the highest and lowest moments because lets be honest the in between, REGULAR nothing special like baby bears porridge type of days are really what life is made up of most of our life is spent in the gray area not in the black and white.  These are the times that are the ones I am going to look back on and miss or wish I could remember better the days when I am just hanging out with my kids putting around living life not the moments when I have a grand epiphany or a personal crisis that causes me to re-examine my life.  I want to remember the little funny things my boys said or the little private jokes between me and tony or the small milestones that I might take for granted now but later really cherish.  I probably am not going to look back at age 80 and get a warm feeling because I was so ensightful in my 20s and 30s, even though I am very much so, Im also clever and witty but I digress!!!  I also wish I was able to write poetry and short stories like I used to be able to.  I used to be inspired to write more often and in more diverse and creative ways but it seems the fuller my life became with children and my man and a job you know with being a grown up my mind was just so full of other junk there seems to be less room for imagination and whimsy other than the silly time I share with the kids but that is just goofball stuff.  I wonder if there is a way to unmuck that part of my brain and free it up for that stuff.

    Love me
  • A bunch of things. It really depends. I mean, a lot of times I get inspired after I read something I liked...or I get inspired by an assignment from school or my writing class that sounds particularly interesting. I love writing history and English papers so usually those alone allow me to write a 3+ page essay :P
    Other than that....songs, my surroundings...anything that interests me or makes me want to contribute something....if that doesn't sound cheesy enough ><
  •  mm....other people's stories or poem.
    and sometime i write when im listening to music making my own original lyrics ^^
  •  Odd things that catch my Muse's eyes and ears - fiction, fact, people on a plane, a train, an automobile. A couple talking in a bookstore, a mother and her child at the grocery store. A good book, a well-written telly episode. Anything and everything that says something that I want to say.
  • My inspiration for writing is generally my mood at the time, at least for prose. For poetry, my inspiration is generally my really sucky life. I have written countless poems about a failed relationship that I'm still not completely over.
  •  what inspires me to write?
    emotions. thoughts. secrets. The world pours everything into me,
    and when it finally becomes overwhelming, i let it out through ink via pen.
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