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Starting from Scratch

What would it take to get you to start a new life on a new world?

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  • That's exactly what it felt like during my kenosis, when I became born into human flesh. Before that, I was an entity with omni-vers-al presence.

  • This one is easy. It would take....Opportunity. Imagine going into the heavens, landing somewhere pristine and taking your fate in your hands.
    I'm a historian, so I know that it's not as easy as that. Creating a settlement out of the wilderness is wrought with danger and hardship. Not to mention that mortality tends to run a little high. Though I'd like to think in a time when it were possible to actually get to another world worthy of colonizing we'd have a few amenities to take along that our colonial ancestors did not....
    Opportunity....that's what it would take.

  • I would go for sure, if it was like Pandora lol

  • Nothing. Let's do it, right now :)
  • Just being able to take my family with me - well, and knowing that the new world was a nicely habitable place!! Other than that, life is always an adventure!

  • A major world disaster where going to a new world was the only way to save my KIDS and GRANDKIDS!
  • the opportunity to do so. avatar is a good movie. for a movie based on wholely new techmology, it wasn't what it promised to be. but it was good. I saw it in three D. which, for a colour blind person is wicked cool. it wasn't red/green dependent! woot woot! anyway, I expected just a little more use of 3D than they did. on the other hand, every time I thought, "oh, they should have used an effect for more dimensionality right there..." they would use it a second or two later. so, that was nice. still, a little more integration would have been super. at the same moment I write the above, the use of THX on this piece was pretty great. Too many films have had the chance to use THX for adding real depth, and failed, where this one accomplishes that task pretty well. yay for it! james cameron keeps writing films that can't be made and making them. it's nice. kind of the opposite of kevin costner. ha ha ha ha. -Fight it, Fuck it, Kill it, Eat it

  • Disown everything and everyone.  Then start over like if nothing ever happened.
  • Not much, as long as I was given some guarantee (or even a lie,) that it would be better. Perhaps maybe in this new world, people would understand me more, and I wouldn't feel so... trapped and constantly blocked for no reason. Maybe the real thing that would convince me is freedom, from all negative, nerotic, and selfish thinking. But don't we all, as a singular human race, with all our petty flaws and imperfections, wish that in our hearts?

  • Just for someone to ask. I would in a heart beat. If i could take like 5 things of my choice, I would in heaven.
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