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What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Did you sit through it or walk out? What made it so dreadful?

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  • Once at a retro, I saw a simply dreadful film titled "Bad Timing" which was essentially unwatchable. Simply ghastly. It was from the 1980s, which might have explained a bit...
  • There are two movies I've sat through when 90% of the audience left. The Judas Project and In And Out. They have to be considered the worst movies of all time. In And Out concerns a guy who is about to get married, and has trouble coping with his masculinity. He has a marriage scheduled at a church that is suspiciously Lutheran. Then all of a sudden he's kissing this news reporter, and the altar he says "I'm gay" in this really robotic fashion. After this, the whole movie goes downhill. I mean, the guy that accused him of being gay was correct, and the one of the ladies at the women's circle have been using a dead woman's recipe for the desserts she's been bringing in. The best part was the fake war movie where the guy goes, "Man, I love you." "You mean like you love crayons?" "No, in another way." And this goes on for about a minute or so, where the guy keeps saying stuff like "Like you love puppies?" That's the funniest part. The rest was a waste of film. The Judas Project is the story of "Jesse" (read: Jesus). Instead of theorizing how the story of Christ would be like if he had been born in modern times, we get the same old story with modern trappings thrown on top. The fishermen are still fishermen, and they do small time fishing, despite the existence of the modern fishing industry. He is betrayed for bars of silver, not cash, which is a little pricey in today's standards. He is not killed by lethal injection, firing squad or electric chair, even though he could have been. Instead he's nailed on a rose trellis. The holy grail is a Dixy cup. Too weird to fit in the Christian video section, too cautious to be in the mainstream video section, or in between, kind of like lukewarm water. His body is buried after being born through town on a carriage. Odd because they have neon Budweiser signs. Then he returns from the grave, and all the tombstones fly up into heaven, along with Civil War soldiers.
  • peter pen i really did not like it
  • I'm not sure what was the absolute worst, but I can think of a couple terrible ones off the top of my head. Of course, I saw them through MST3K. I forgot the name of it, but it was an older episode covering some sort of movie about women's wrestling. It was so god-awful that I wouldn't see it again even on MST3K; the riffs were simply not enough. Most movies they do are still at least mildly entertaining; this one was not even offensive or anything, it was just booooring. Interestingly, when I finally watched Plan 9 from Outer Space (last year, through Rifftrax), I learned that it was much worse than I thought, but far from the worst movies I'd seen and not as bad as it's cracked up to be. This is probably because it was pretty amusing in a number of (unintentional) ways, and of course Mike, Kevin, and Bill did an excellent job on it. There are also many movies out there that are bad or offensive but they do have aspects that keep them from going as low as shitty-50s-female-wrestling movie level. Titanic of course, I was offended by but a lot of the visuals like costume design and computer effects were well-done. So I think the people who answered stuff like Peter Jackson's King Kong or 2001: a Space Odyssey are a bit lucky that's the worst they saw. But I'm not sure about the one who listed The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring (hilariously, the first thing I saw on her journal was her baby who looks like an elf).

  • Антихрист. для чего сняли не понятно.

  • Funny People; starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen as some asshole who cryed like 6 times in the movie. What made it so dreadful?? I took mushrooms and went and saw it. It was so depressing I literally walked out 45 minutes into it. I've never walked out of a movie before. I even asked my friend, who wasn't tripping, if it was just because i was trippin' out, but he quickly reassured me that it was just an aweful movie.

  • The worst film that I had ever watched? Hmm... There is two.

    Black Sheep



  • Cause I feel like answering old questions instead of sleeping as any normal person should at 2:30am. I will however attempt to content myself with this instead of continueing with my crazed sleep deprived desire to 'start at the beginning' and 'do all of them' Worst movie I have ever ever seen? Most definate it was Slither. I remember being so very excited to see it. It was supposed to be like... The BEST. Though all movies promise that don't they? When they asked to card me on my way in the door I KNEW it must be extra amazing. Or at least horribly disgusting. After 30-40 minutes of hopeful staring during which the movie only got worse, the rest of it was mostly ignored in favor of watching the kids in the back row smoke weed. I feel the need to point out that they thought the movie was amazing. This was another one of those movies where they showed things on the commercials that were not actually in the movie. Any part worth seeing purely for the ick value was also already known from the commercials, and lets face it, they played those during the day time telly hours, so there was nothing worth cringing over. With a plot so badly followed that it might not have actually existed, badly executed special effects, and actors who's names I am without a clue towards (who sucked). As an avid movie watcher, an extreme impulse shopper, and someone who happened to pull Slither out of a $1 movie bin recently; my response was to shriek and flail about for a long moment before sneaking away in shame at the outburst. My hands still do not feel clean, and it will be a long while before I can force the memories of this horrible crap pile as far out of my mind as possible.

  • Worst movie I've ever seen? Hmm...I'm a bit of an auteur. And I've seen a lot of crap films.

    But the absolute worst? Smokin' Aces

    I kid you not. Worst thing I've EVER seen. Its stars just about every actor I'm fond of, but...gah * shudders *

    This movie should SO not be allowed to have Ace in its name.
  • The worst movie I ever saw... I think that prize goes to Duplex. Luckily, I had the DVD and didn't watch it in the theater, so I didn't have to force myself to sit through it or walk out. I just stopped it. It was awful. It was stupid, not funny where it was supposed to be, and just completely offensive (it offends me as a movie fan!) I think part of it was that I hadn't read the plot before I saw it, and I had my own thoughts of what it was going to be. In my mind, it was more the boy-meets-girl rom-com chick-flick. It was actually adorable in my mind. But that wasn't the movie it was. I luckily was watching it on a Saturday, I think, or a weekday when I was off, so I ran outside and handed it to the mailman so it didn't have to remain in my possession another second.
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