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Writer's Block

The Tech Effect on Quality Time

How have technology and the Internet changed the way your family spends time together?

Answers (74)

  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! I chatted with my mother for the first time using Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and it was so fun! I was at work, and just happened to see she was on. I am not a big chatter and she is not a big social media user, but it was exactly what I needed right at that moment, becuase I had to ask her advice, and I was so grateful for the chance.
  • Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. My family and I weren't tied up to the knot from the beginning. Being on the computer hasn't affected much. It's only affected that I don't wanna do much with them (or that's just me being a teenager, lol) and I prefer computer time for being a socialist. Yeah :) As for my iPod... Well, I always have it on 24/7. Mostly, anyway. I can't put it down cause music is something I'm very passionate about. The TV... Thursday nights and Sundays are my TV days. Never disturb me then... Or else I'll flip out and fume.
  • Yes, it's definitely affected the way my family spends time together. Translation: we hardly do spend time together. My bro and I are always on computers, my parents are watching TV, and my youngest bro is watching a different TV. *sigh* Sometimes I miss the good old days. Then I come here. :P
  • Most of my family haven't gotten into technology or the internet much. In fact, I don't believe a single one of them uses Facebook. Because none of them really use technology/internet heavily, nothing has really changed in the way we spend time together. Most of the time, when we want to spend time together, we just rent a movie or go out to dinner. The only thing that might have changed is how much time is spent together. That area might have been affected a little bit, but when I look back, I find that it's about the same amount of time anyways. So no, nothing has really been affected. If this question was redirected to friends instead of family, then the answer would have been a definite yes.
  • Since my mum and Nana and I live a few thousand miles away from the rest of the family, and one of us (namely ME) has to stay down here to watch Nana for holidays and stuff, it's great that we have Skype. And so we'll text each other and be like "Log into skype!" and then we have a video chat. And I'll get to say hi to everyone, and then they'll put me on the coffee table and sit around and chat and I'll get to add to the conversation and it's fun. My older sister always says "I feel like I'm in a science fiction movie; like this should be taking place in the future. You're so far away but we can see each other and hear each other! It's crazy!" I'm hoping to eventually hook her up with a webcam of her own and teaching her how to use it, because I'm pretty sure we'd be better at that then we are at the phone. Because really, the two of us suck at using the phone. Also, besides my little sister and younger cousin being on facebook, my mum, grandmother, my aunt and my aunt's friend/housemate, and all of my cousins on my dad's side of the family (which is 5 total, plus one cousin-in-law) are all on facebook as well, and we communicate pretty regularly, which is nice because I'm now too far away to go to family gatherings, but I still get to see pictures of them and hear how they went. And my younger sister and I can spend hours on the phone just listening to each other browse the internet until we find something awesome and then we're like "OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS" And then we facebook chat the link to each other and yeah. We're pretty much awesome. Essentially we just hang out on the phone and internet at the same time, which is as close as we can get while we're so far apart. Yeah, so... Not the most exciting answer but still. Yay family time even though we live so far away from each other!
  • Well, these days I keep in touch with some 'longer-lost' members of the family via Facebook... It's nice. It's not that I use the computer as an excuse for never seeing them; it's that without the computer we would almost NEVER interact! You know, people who argue that technology makes us more isolated just aren't using it right, Of course I would rather be out with friends than sitting at a computer, but no-one should be saying that it's impossible to have both going on at different times of your life... It isn't an either/or choice!
  • My sister sits in her room and I sit less than 30 feet away in the living room and we Facebook each other. This even happens when we're sitting next to each other, too. During this, our Mom usually nags us about getting off the computers and interacting with the rest of the family. ^_^ So, we proceed to move to wherever she is and continue to Facebook while talking to her! LoL!!!! My stepdad rolls his eyes and shakes his head at us.
  • I belief that technolagy donsn't compare to love in a family. Yes, a computer may be fujn but why can't familys be healthy and play oujt side? that is my answer
  • Technology and internet has definitely helped in communication. I live in the United States and my parents live in Nigeria. I have cousins all over the world....England, Australia, Russia, Dubai....without phones, internets and all other stuffs i'd feel so alone and disconnected from all my loved ones. With technology, we are able to reassure one another that all is well....and not only is it inexpensive, it also saves time when compared to postal services.
  • In one way it's brought us together with things like Skype and Facebook we can have long conversations despite the fact we're half way across the country it's great to be able to have a video conference with someone and it's like they're siting right there with you even though they're thousands of miles away. We also use private message threads on Facebook so we can have a conversation each person is posting when it's a convenient time for them when we're juggling the schedules of multiple people doing 24/7 shift work. We're also in better contact with the extended family that we used to only see at weddings and funerals and had to wait to the annual Chirstmas letter to find out what had happened the year before. But email and Facebook have pulled us all in together again and the letter is a thing of the past. However even though we know more about each others daily lives we physically interact less together. Usually when I stop into visit my parents place my Father will be in one room watching TV, my Mother is in another room playing games on the downstairs computer while my youngest brother is in his room upstairs playing games on his laptop.
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