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Writer's Block

Do (political) opposites attract?

Are there any political issues, such as abortion or capital punishment, that are so fundamental to your core values that you could not respect and/or trust someone who held a contrary view?

Answers (372)

  • Конечно. Пьянство и разруха в головах большинства россиян.

  • Для меня принципиальной полит. проблемой являются антинародные режимы всех времен независимо от времени и места, но разумеется то что, сейчас и рядом, больнее.

  • Да это отношение правительства к культуре если случатся кризис то надо закрыть театры и сразу станет всё хорошо такая политика убивает . Есть изречение закрыл театр открывай тюрьму

  • Oh sweet zombie Jesus. I cannot stand people who are prop 8ers or against homosexuality and or marriage. It just makes me irrationally angry and violent. I literally cannot be with people who think that way.

    I also hate it when people make excuses for abuse and et cetera. My ex boyfriend is from a Latino country and his father would beat him and his siblings. His father was arrested by the police (I live in Quebec btw) and then onc ehe was released and waited nearly a year, they left for Ontario. My ex firmly believed that the arrest was out of racism and that it is a part of his culture that children should be beaten (but he'll never beat his own children, of course). He also believes that Ontario would have been more ~sympathetic~ to his case becuase their premier is a person of colour. I don't think I've ever had an urge to kick someone in the face so feircely before. I'm so glad I broke up with him and deleted him off of both FB and MSN. Fucker.
  • Dude, this is totally me rambling. No need to read unless you want to know. :D

    Blah. I don't know if I want to say yes or no to this question. I mean, I know how I feel about things (in case any of you on my flist missed it, I'm a crazy lib, especially on social issues - what did you expect, I'm from New York and now residing in Massachusetts) and in most cases I think that - unfortunately - politics divides people rather thoroughly.

    Coming from a town where I'd say about 80% of people are Catholic, being pro-choice means you're in the minority - just simply by virtue of kids believing what their parents believe (not that I'm saying they'll all go and change their minds, just that they haven't formed full opinions yet - I certainly hadn't going into high school.) And yeah, I mean, that makes it hard when politics comes up - because the last thing I want to do is alienate my friends, but I disagree fundamentally with them sometimes.

    One of my best friends at school now is trying to reconcile her decision to go into molecular and cellular biology and her religion and their stance on abortion - she doesn't like to say she's pro-life, because she doesn't think anyone is pro-death, but she believes that life starts at conception, so it's really hard for her. I certainly think it would be easier to talk about politics if everyone around me agreed with what I thought, but 1.) that'd be fairly boring and 2.) politics are certainly not the only thing that define a person. Plus, I love this girl and even if we disagreed on everything, that really wouldn't change.

    If I were to name a single issue that would definitely force me to reevaluate how I see a person, it would be their stance on gay marriage. I don't think I could ever stop being friends with a person simply because they disagreed with me, but I would definitely struggle with finding common ground with them on an issue which (to me) deserves no hesitation. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, omnisexual, transgender, queer-identifying individuals, gender neutral-identifying individuals and everyone in between are people. And to think otherwise, or to deny them ANY rights of ANY sort is sickening to me.

    Respect to me is about more than just politics and the intricacies of party labels and spectrums - but I think I'd have a hard time respecting someone who so blantantly disrespects other people and their rights.

  • having relatively moderate political views myself (generally fiscally conservative, socially liberal), i don't have this issue. my family is filled with drastically different opinions, so i'm used to the controversey.  a few christmas' ago, my grandma (a hard core democrat) threw my aunt (a hard core republican) out of the house  because they got into a political arguement. luckily my grandpa persuaded her to let my aunt back in, but thats not the point.  the point is that i have grown up around so many different views and different mindsets that i have had the proper exposure to develop my own political beliefs. so, i'm pretty much ready for whatever a potential friend/boyfriend.  i will say though, that in my future marriage, i would prefer that my husband is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.  these are two things that i would prefer not to have to argue about with my husband.  hopefully, he'll come from a pretty diverse minded family as well, so we'll be equals on the political front.  and, even though this is wishful thinking, it would be awesome if he was pro capital punishment.  but in this day and age, pretty much no one is for it (unless youre in texas or something), so i won't get my hopes up. 

  • okay, honestly? no.
    i feel very strongly about certain issues, but it would be idiotic to think that people who hold contrary views are bad people or whatever.
    i can't go through life assuming that every pro-choice person is immoral, even though i very strongly believe that abortion is wrong.
    it's not worth it to be that closed-minded. of course im not assuming that im the most open person out there, because i definitely am not. but i try to find things i have in common with people and focus on those. (except people i hate, but they dont count because i seek out our differences anyway and we're not friends so it doesnt matter.)
    there are many political/moral/religious issues that i feel are important to me, but in everyday life theyre very easy to work around. its not like i get an abortion every other week or my brother's on death row. maybe this is bad, but these issues just dont effect me- if they were closer to home, then yeah, theyd be more polarizing.
    at this age i think my friends and i are trying more to figure out what exactly our views are, politically, ethically, etc. maybe when im 25 ill have more political discussions and find it necessary to surround myself with likeminded individuals, but i kind of hope not. i hope i can keep a mix of people around me.
    of course, if someone doesnt respect my views, refuses to allow me to defend them, and continuously attacks them, that feeling will be mutual. i cant handle the turn-the-other-cheek deal.
    my core values are not derived from a creed, theyre just framed by it. a friend doesnt need to be religious, they just need to be a good person. if they do follow the same religion i do, thats great, but im not stupid. i know the majority of the world isnt the same denomination as me and i cant expect them to subscribe to my views. my core values are loyalty, and trust, and intelligence, and humor. independence, originality, a bit of a flair for drama, a thirst to see more than the ten square miles around their home. a sense of purpose.
    these are my core values, not being pro-life and against capital punishment.


  • Well i  think i feel pretty strong about human rights
    i am for gay marragie and i'm pro choice
    i really really am agianst racism and when people feel like they are
    suprior because of their race.
    or religion

    i do have friends who are Homophobic and blame religion for it which i think is a horrible thing to do
    that people teach other people that they shouldnt like someone because of their sexual preferance.
    do i respect that?
    i'm not sure
    i dont think so as i'm always trying to change their views
    i dont think this world can survive if its full of hate

    i live toronto and feel like there is a lot more equality
    yet i knw people who are racisit and homophobic
    and hate pepople
    and i really cant stand people like that

    it annoys me, i get seriously angry that people can tht iggnorant
    and see people for things they cant change
    i'd rather be friends with someone who has an amazing personality, supportive, funny, caring and has a real lust for life
    then some who is a complete bitch and is hetero

    accept everyone its more interesting

    so i dont trust people who are against because of the fact tht
    they judge by a factor a person cant change
    well then i'd wonder what they see in me.


  • It may sound cliche but I definitely value freedom over following. I have far more respect for someone who will speak up about their objections than someone who keeps their mouth shut and stands behind an ideal they don't follow themselves. At the end of the day I trust honesty over loyalty.

  • I do not agree with people on a variety of things.   I also do not agree with people who judge others based on their views.  I can respect a person with a variety of viewpoints even if we do not share it.  Yes, even on controversial issues.  Yes, even on abortion.  People have different life experiences that result in different opinions and value systems.  I have my opinions about things, but I respect that others have the right to their opinions as well.  I might hold a particular viewpoint for myself but do not feel the need to push that opinion on others.  This is especially important, nay, necessary on certain moral issues.  Namely abortion.  I could not have an abortion.  My value system does not allow that.  However, I do not feel it right or appropriate for me to boycott clinics or prevent others from having an abortion.  I do not know their life's circumstances; I do not know their value system.  I do not know anything about that person.  And even if I did ... I look at preventing someone else from having an abortion like someone forcing me to have one against my will.

    I understand that not everything is a personal issue - capital punishment, drugs, etc.  But even still, I can respect and perhaps trust someone with opposing views.  I could not spend my life with such a person - at least not if we disagree on many issues or core values.  Differences make our world go round, you know?
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