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Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

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  • Думаю что смогла бы. Да схожесть вкусов конечно важная штука, но ведь расхождение в чем-то подобном не должно уменьшать чувство любви к вашему избраннику. да и во всем необходимо искать компромис)

  • Конечно совпадение взглядов и вкусов многое даёт для общения, хотя в отношениях это не столь важно. Важно понимание друг друга, в конце-концов мы, женщины всегда можем сделать мужчин для себя и вкусы будут совпадать., не так ли?
  • Oh god no! I could not be with someone who had horrific taste in music. That would drive me insane. I definitely need someone who is into at least a few of the bands I'm into that way we could go to concerts together and all that stuff. It would be totally awesome. But I could deal if we had no bands in common as long as it was at least in the same genre of music that I prefer. I couldn't live with someone who listened to nothing but rap or country. I'd probably shoot myself or something. To me, without my music I would die so it is very important. I can't go a day without listening to music. And as far as friends go, I can handle small amounts of rap or country...but unless its a song I know or am familiar with I tune it out and start up a my chemical romance song in my head to drown it out. lol.
  • Tastes in music mean everything. I was never smitten with actors when it was appropriate to do so; I fell in love with musicians, both in the outer reaches of my world as well as inner. I'm an impossible person, because I manage to rant and rave about what fantastic things *I* listen to, and it wears on people enough (that, or I'm just incredibly persuasive) and they listen to my suggestions, and more often than not they return satisfied. Rarely do I end up blown away by other's musical suggestions, but when they happen they stick for a while, and those people with their suggestions earn a special place in my heart. Recommending music is an incredibly personal thing, because you have to weigh in how important music is to the person and sell your case as such; if you love the band because they tug at your heartstrings in just the right fasion and know your friend/significant other would fall for the same traps as yourself, then there's your selling point. If the person is easy for witty lyrics, then you sell as such. But, if the friend/significant other is just as passionate about music as yourself, then there should be no need to "sell" anything; they should trust your tastes in music as much as you would (presumably) trust theirs, and will listen because they know how crucial it is to you and wish for that important thread of your life to run through their own fabric.

  • I love music. So, I'll say "yes". Music is a great part of my life. Music is self-expression. It would be really great to have someone whom you could share the same interest.

  • HELL NO. It wouldn't work out. In fact, I think the whole relationship would last about 2 hours (if that).
    Music is very important to me. All my friends and all my potential "partners" need to know that. Cause honestly if it comes between music and a friend or "partner", I'll pick music cause it will always be there for me. Friends and "partners" may not. (Those statements alone go along with Reach by Eyes Set To Kill. Check it out.)
  • Depends how often they listened to shit music, and how often I am forced to do the same... But most likely... no.

  • Musical taste is something that's so important to me that I don't think I could abide by even being friends with someone whose tastes in music I would deem "horrific".  I could see befriending someone whose musical tastes aren't exactly what I would go for but that I might be able to *respect* (as is the case with a friend of mine who is a big country music fan -- I'm not particularly keen on country, but he's taught me how to respect its artistry immensely), but as far as someone whom I would want to spend the rest of my life with, it would have to be someone whose musical tastes are within the same neighborhood as mine.

    I acknowledge that my own musical tastes are rather unorthodox in comparison to the societal mean or "average"; I tend to gravitate more toward the obscure or things from different generations and generally look down at what would be considered Top 40 music (or "music" as I'm tempted to put), but I feel like I could find a harmonic unity with a great many people whom I would also find unity with on other substantive things such as personal ideologies and philosophies.  I also acknowledge that my musical history is rather unique and might provide a window into why my musical tastes at present are as "unusual" as some might consider; to me, bands such as Three Dog Night and The Mamas and the Papas evoke warm, nursery-originating feelings similar to those someone else might feel upon embrancing their favorite "blankie", and I created my own musical base using similar classic '60s and early '70s musical artists that I remember latching onto while listening to the music my parents listened to during my '80s early childhood.  This is why I despair at the thought of the children of today getting introduced to such musical rubbish as Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers; I feel like they're getting such a shoddy base for their future musical lives, similar to a home builder using Play Doh to create the foundation for a 2,000 square foot single family home, or a child being fed a continual stream of junk food throughout their early childhood instead of wholesome real meals.  I think and fear these children are definitely going to contribute to the continual decay of popular music and feel like their parents should be reported for doing such a disservice to their children by depriving them of anything musically nutritious.


    Going back to my own tastes, I feel like those are such that my hero in that regard is really the late, much missed John Peel; Peel was a BBC Radio 1 DJ who spent the whole of his broadcasting life engaged in the search for the new, obscure, innovative, and exciting.  He highlighted so many unsigned, unsung bands and artists on his program and his biggest triumph was getting the career of one David Bowie started.  Considering how many musical artists have since been inspired by Bowie, it means Peel pretty much changed the landscape of British popular music for a long, long stretch of time.  Also, I really like how he championed such worthy artists as The Fall, The Cure, The Scars, and so many amazing artists from the 1970s and '80s whose music feeds my musical soul.  If I were ever fortunate enough to score my own radio program[me], I'd want to do something similar to what John Peel did.  And I would want the man I'd share my life with to have Peel's musical spirit within him much, much, MUCH more than I'd want him to have a certain physical "look" or earn a certain amount of money.

    There you are, long answer and all.

  •  i hate so sound vain about it, but yes, my partner has to has a similar taste in music as me. i have learned this from my ex and from my brothers ex, if you have drastically different tastes in music, if often effects other traits of that persons. but hey, some people can just grit there teeth and live with it.

  • Uh. I think I can live with it as long as the other party is willing to use headphones when listening to their music. To a certain degree, music compatibility is important. But it's not that important, as long as something I don't like never gets shoved down my throat.
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