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Writer's Block


Sunrise, Sunset

When you wake up, what's the first thing you think about? What's the last thing you think about before you fall asleep? Are they the same?

Answers (427)

  • когда я ложусь спать, то первым делом начинаю глубоко дышать, и попеременно напрягать и расслаблять всевозможные группы мышц. это как известно помогает быстрому погружению в сон и позволяет видеть яркие и впечатляющие сновидения в которых действия разворачиваются по моему сценарию и когда я просыпаюсь то на моих губах улыбка, ведь я провел замечательные 7-8 часов в всевозможных перипетиях и приключениях.

  • lol...the first thing i think of when waking up is..."s#!t...wat time is it!!!" (during da wk)...n last...mmmm i dnt kno lol caz i fall asleep b4 ma head touch the pillows hahahahahahhaa

  • When i wake up, i think about what am i going to write in my new story that i am working on. when i go to sleep, i think about a guy that resembles my story. So pretty much it is the same. XD

  • Robert. I think about him when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Sometimes I even get to dream about him. Honestly, I'm always thinking about him. There is never a moment when I don't have him in my mind distracting me from everything around me. :) I love him and I always will. I also have a feeling that he will continue to be in my mind when I wake up and when I go to sleep, for about ... forever :) Yay! 
  • The answer to both: the Starfleet Commander game. Unless I've just been masturbating.

  • normally my first thought is i wanna go back to sleep followed very closely with a list of what i have to do for the morning.
    now falling asleep its normally a person or a story ive read/thought
  • Funny you should ask this. 2 things are always on mind mind when i wake up and when i go to sleep. I love Brandon and has Mr.Right text me?
  • This first thing I think of when I wake up is "OMFG I NEED WATER....Now I gotta pee..." and before I fall asleep I think about the who and what not or I think about fics I previously read about the who......yeah these two things are none alike I'm weird >_____>;;

  • well, when i wake up, if its a weekday, i think "shit, what day of the week is it?" or "is that really my alarm? i just frickin got in bed!" or "no, i cannot go to school today. uh-uh. no way, its just not going to happen." (although i always do go.) haha. on the weekends when i wake up, i think "what time is it? 1:00pm? i wanted to get up early!" or "mom help, i need food and a toothbrush and some toothpaste." OR "omg what time is it? yes! im up early! its only 9am!!!!!!". yea, its a variation of those...  and sometimes, whether its weekend or weekday, i say alot lately: "oh shit, was that dream real? what am i doing here in my bed? oh my god, that dream felt too real!". yea, its just too weird. when i go to bed, i usually review my day, thinking about what i did or what i could or should have done or said. you know, maybe thats what's giving me bad dreams. the reviewing. that could be it. im always what i could have done to make an outcome better. anyway, if im not reviewing, im singing a song in my head, or thinking about what the next day will bring, or how my life is going. i dont know. as someone important to me always says to me: "your brain never stops working, does it? always ticking away about something." and as a matter of fact, yes, it is like that, i just cant help myself. and thats when im doing things during the day. imagine at night or when im sleeping when i have nothing to distract me.
  • The first thing I think about is what I have to do at work that day (and on the weekends, I realize I don't have work that day). When I try to fall asleep, I usually reflect on the good parts of the day and think how I can improve the next day. Short and sweet...my type of response. So, until next time, I'll ttyl.
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