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What are you afraid of?

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  • What are you afraid of?

    A Certain Someone- No one can intimidate me as much as you can. The only reason I strive to be good is to get far, far away from you. What's even more pathetic is that I'm afraid of you more than death itself.

    Failure- Because no one wants to fail in life. However, in this game of life, in order for there to be winners, there also has to be losers. All I hope is that I'm not one of the losers of this game.

    The Ocean- It's pretty, yet vast and lonely. In my perspective, it's sort of like heaven, just a lonelier one. I'm afraid that if I were ever to fall into the ocean, or journey into it, that I could never come back. That's why I admire it from afar, preferably indoors as well.

  • I'm afraid of wasps, WASPs, Neo-Con Republicans, violent people, hornets (especially the giant Japanese Hornet), mice, and heights. (Not in that order.) Oh yeah, almost forgot: fundamentalist materialists and fundamentalist religionists. Hell, fundamentalists of all stripes. Read: extremists.
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  • Short answer: Just about everything. Long answer: Well, really... I am a very skittish person and there's a lot of stuff that scares me, to a smaller or greater extent. I'm terrified of spiders, though not to the point of phobia (I can deal with certain types of tarantels, and some of the wild spiders don't bother me overmuch as long as they're very small or a certain type, though small meaty spiders still get killed if I can help it). I'm scared of doctors, and really health care personnel in general, to the point of refusing to go to see them alone. Needles/syringes are even worse. I declined shots that intellectually I know I should've gotten because they meant another needle and they weren't absolutely obligatory. And the usual "just relax and it won't hurt as bad" doesn't work very well when you're terrified of something because, yeah. You try relaxing when you're spazzing out about this or that. I'm scared of being left alone. Not so much in the "home alone" sense (goodness knows I can't stand my family some days) but in the "I have nobody in the entire world" sense. Now and again I go through bouts of feeling near-panicky because of the remote possibility that I will lose my current friends. It's dumb, but emotions are not rational and trying to force them to be isn't going to help anything. Loud noises, crowds, noisy crowds especially, tend to freak me out, especially after prolonged exposure. I can deal with e.g. a movie theater, where everyone has their little allotted space and they're sitting quietly in their chairs. Same for flying or anything like that really. But in the area outside the theater proper, where they sell the tickets and shit? I'm barely keeping myself together. Lots of people crowded together being loud and obnoxious will do that to me. I especially hate events where it's socially accepted (or even expected) to be louder and more obnoxious than normally, such as graduations (at least in Sweden) or parties. Funny thing is I have no problem with e.g. furry cons. I went to Anime Iowa once and I couldn't stay in the dealer's room for more than maybe 10-15 minutes at a stretch before I started freaking out. But I wasn't dealing too badly with, for instance, standing in the rather disorderly and crowd-y line to the variety show at MFF, the one year I bothered with the show. (I haven't gone to the show in the years since as I found myself nodding off due to jet lag and I felt very bad about it. It's rude to fall asleep when people are being funny. And it was funny.) There's also some stuff that's common subject of fear that I just don't care about. Thunder doesn't phase me (though I'd prefer being able to run my electronics, you know), I'm not afraid of the dark, I think snakes generally are cute (though I have a shitload of respect for wild ones), bees/wasps are more likely to get me to sit still and be almost exaggeratedly calm than get me to react with anything alike fear. But I'm a huge scaredy-cat, really.
  • So many things, but mostly; swallowing my tongue fainting throwing up Why? Well... I don't really know. I guess the scariest fears are the irrational ones, huh?