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It's the thought that counts

How much energy do you expend trying to find the perfect gift for someone you love? Do you enjoy the process or does it make you anxious?

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  • It's really hard finding gifts for someone specially if it is the one you love, I want my gift to be unique.., it made me anxious but in the end it makes me happy..
  • а я заеб.... в этот момент, но процесс покупке не сравним с результатом восхищения спутника)

  • It makes me really anxious finding the perfect gift for someone. 

  • I have to find the perfect gift. If I don't I get upset and worried and anxious. So I'll put in a lot of effort and sometimes money into getting everybody just what they wanted. Then I get mopey because of course it's not exactly what they wanted, it's what I thought they wanted which isn't necessarily the same thing. Sigh.
  • I take forever to try to find the perfect gift! I go through their wishlist, previous wishlists, talk to them about what they like, look on their blogs/accounts. I still believe it is the thought that counts vs. the amount you spend.

  • i spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on my shopping list. i try to sneakily find out what they want by asking them no so random questions and asking questions about themselves, even asking them to go shopping with me to help me find something for myself, while secretly watching them to see if they show any interest in the items we pass. i love the process of finding the absolute perfect gift for everyone. i love when people like what i get them. it makes me happy to give to others.
  • I don't use so much energy, actually this year I don't think I use any at all. I didn't have much money and got most people I love some things but it's not all about the gifts and all. I don't hate shopping for xmas, but it gets tiring after so many years lol. So yeah Merry Belated Xmas!!

  • I take forever...Cause i always want to pick the perfect gift to show that i do know her well, when it came to the necklace i bought her it took about 2 hours to decide to get it or not. I really want to buy something speacial for her birthday, so i set out to find something meaning full <3 When I finally decide to buy a necklase i searched countless place to find the perfect one. then i went into hottopic with my friend sarah cause she was buying something, I wandered off to the jewelry and again found nothing perfect. one of the employess, he saw me and questioned me, I explained i needed a necklace, a perfect necklace, for some one that i love <3
    he then hint me to this one store and told me they had unique stuff, which i liked the ideal. So I went to go in search. I saw all these pendents but the one that caught my eye was thid moon and sun pendent. It was beautiful. And it made me think about her even more, i stood in front of the glass case just staring at it and it's wounder, finally a lady walked over and asked if i wanted to take a closer look at it. when i looked at it i knew i had to buy it. At current time i was low on money and haven't paid my mum for a certain bill. But either way i bought the pendent, afteri got ringed up i took the box and held it near my heart hoping that she would love this gift. Now the chain did not come with the necklace so i had to buy one later. Of course the necklace is real on every thing. LOL I remember matty kept asking how much i spent. lucky i will never tell. i may have been a bit high price, but i wanted to get the best for her, i love her with all that is me. I did get a bit anxious hoping that she would love this gift. I usely see gift get thrown to the side. shoot. but im glad that she likes it. it makes me happy. <3 I love you babe. always and forever

  • When I embark upon that most perfect gift for my beloved, I do expend a good bit of energy in the attempt. While I hope it is not held against me that I have been known to pry into the current life of the recipient, my aim is to gain a gist of what gift is wanted. The process itself is planned out, as it is carried out. 
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