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Winter wonderland

Do you long for snow during the winter holidays? Would you prefer to spend your holidays in the tropics or in a winter wonderland?

Answers (269)

  • I would have holidays in winter wonderland.

  • Yes, I long for snow. However, in Australia, it just isn't going to happen. I plan to go to Scotland this Australian summer / Scottish winter at the end of the year (let's hope I'm able to...) for snow and nice weather. None of this 'so hot that it burns and I'm in pain' bullshit.

    Obviously I prefer a 'winter wonderland.' I'm sick of the Australian heat. I also spent some time in Singapore. GUUUUUUUUUUUH. So humid. It feels hot when it rains.
  • I love winter because of the cold weather! Call me crazy but dark days and cold weather just make me too happy. So yes, I always wish there's some snow. How awful that the closest I'll get is some rain...

  • Probably a Winter wonderland, When it snows I barely need to go outside :p (lazy)

  • Winter holidays=snow,there's no other way for me :)
    Building snowpeople,snowball fights,skiing,skating and sledging=fun with friends and family!
    I love winter. :)

  • I don't like cold wet things. Where I live we have two seasons, hot and hotter. On Christmas it was 80 degrees outside.

  • I do long for snow during the winter Holidays. Yeah, it's cause of trouble and maybe dead, but nature is so beautiful when she puts on her white coat.

  • Christmas is simply not Christmas without snow. In my opinion, anyway. 
    I'd love to visit one of the northern states in America that has snow in the wintertime and on Christmas Day. 
    Oddly, I'd also love to experience a blizzard. lol The idea of stocking up on supplies of food, drinks and fuel in preparation for one then being snowed in appeals to me.


    My country isn't four seasons TT_TT. I prefer to spend my holiday in Winter Wonderland, since I haven't seen snow yet in my country..

  • I love snow in the winter! But I love snow in the winter like I love rain- it's fantastic provided that I don't have to go anywhere. Living on the east coast and in the midwest has made me associate snow with the holidays more so than normal, but I won't freak out from these winters in California.
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