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It's often said that the simple things in life are the most precious. What small pleasures make you the happiest?

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  • Thousands of thornless blackberry blossoms. A year ago, these were just twigs. Photobucket
  • There are two small pleasures that I like which are making love and sunny days.

  • Here you go. A picture of one of those small pleasures. The beginnings of the first bloom of that miracle ground cover I wrote about way back when. God is faithful.

  • Holding Hubby's hand as we walk and cuddling 'spoon-like' when I'm falling asleep.

  • Hard to beat this simple pleasure...Walking and listening to worship music on a gorgeous spring day.

    In worship, we are the performers, and God is the audience. -Andy Rice

  • The small things in life that make me, as a person happy, would be random acts of kindness from strangers, even though they don't know your problems. they can still see that you're a person, with needs of affection, so they do what they can to help.
    Even if its just asking how you are, or even just letting you butt in front of them in line.

    Things like that just make me smile, knowing that people today can actually care about others around them. It's a hard thing to find these days unfortunately.

    Another small pleasure I absolutely love are: hugs.
    My day is perfect when I recieve (or give), a hug from a friend.
    It just a small way of saying, "I love you, and I value as a friend."
  • ok well lets go with what going on in my life right now.  Falling in to my baby's arms when I see her. My cat grrrrrrring for food when i get in from work.  Banging my mother fucking head to Metal all day and all night long. deep fried squid in salt and pepper. ... But also having my new kitchen in and new bog. cooking and shitting aint gonna be the same , were taking over this town. 

  • wow..so many actually. 1>sometimes, when i'm in the farm, the breaking of the new day filled me with so much happiness. it's settles me down and thankful that i'm seeing a new day. only mean that God is giving me another chance. 2> listening to damn good music. i love songs with good lyrics that moved me and good music with great melodies. more so if the singer gives justice to the lyrics. it brings tears to my eyes. but nice tears at that. just thanking God for this wonderful gife coz i'm able to hear them and appreciate them in this lifetime. 3> good books....ahhhhh...nothing can separate me from a good read. it's really good for my soul. 4> being with my loved ones. and those who truly appreciates me.
  • to me it's lying down together with the family in my parents' bed in their bedroom. we're a small family of 4 but me and my brother is not a teeny tiny children anymore. haha... i just love it. the way we're trying to fit the 4 of us in the bed and just lie down or talk and laugh..

  • Things I can think of right now:

    * staring at things that shine, sparkle, and/or glow
    * things that are fluffy, or just soft, that feel good to touch
    * the smell of new books
    * the fuzzy wuzzy warmth of new socks or toys
    * sleeping in until the afternoon
    * having the house all to myself
    * opening and closing the curtains over and over
    * bouncing things
    * collecting crap
    * rolling around on the floor
    * biting things
    * making my food into a scene or making it look like it's alive
    * PUPPIES!!!
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