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When something is troubling you, where do you usually turn? Do you feel like you have a solid network of emotional support? Do you communicate with your best friends in person or online?

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  • when something troubling me.. I rather choose to be silent, I want to keep my problem on my own, I don't want to tell it to anyone..

  • Movies. Or to a certain concert dvd circa 98. My friends- they tire easily lol. They are too unreliable when it comes to understanding what I want to convey/say when I have a problem. It's all scratch-head-then-ignore. Haha
  • If something is troubling me I usually keep it to myself. I don't feel like I have a strong network of emotional support and I do not like to trouble the people around me with my feelings. I do not communicate with anyone about my feelings either in person or online. I usually just keep everything to myself.
  • my pillow. and my itouch. I usually-except for the past 3 weeks- ignore ppl n tune my music up ultra loud-now i'm half-deaf;can't hear properly. My pillow suffers the more...physical injuries. I just keep on punching it-or cry on it-until i've calmed down. For the last 3 weeks, i've been turning to the tissue papers and the knife. I don't rly lyk going to my parents or my friends. Friends: don't understand much. Parents: they'll never understand-considering the fact tht they act lyk they've never been 13 before.

  • I usually turn to my best friend. She's always a good listener. She can always give me help with my current boyfriend, and we have been having some troubles. :\ But hopefully things will get better. But I turn to my bestest friend. I know that she knows that I'm talking about her. (: I usually talk to her through IM, since we can't always hang out when I'm having some problems. But still, she helps me, and makes me laugh through the hard times. I love her so so much. (: 

    Love you Minnie! 
  • If mom and I are in good terms I usually go to her. Usually it's been Kate though. It it's Jack stuff, I talk to Cait. If it's friend stuff I talk to Jack. Dad's good for a man's point of view. Usually my first instict is to tell Cait though, she likes telling me how to live my life :] I have the best friends everrrr. I usually communicate either on the phone or in person. I prefer in person. I rarely talk to my best friends online anymore lately. I thought it was about time to update this stuff. So I did a writer's block.
  • I usally don't turn to anyone... I usally try to keep stuff to myself. Plus there really isn't anyone here esp. that isn't family that I can talk to. I have a few online friends that I turn to occasionally but for whatever reason they arent always avalible to chat with. No I don't feel like I have a solid network of emotional support. Sorry I don't mean to offend or hurt anyones feelings. But if I am being honest then I must speak the truth. I communicate with friends online, as all my friends either live in another state or another country.
  • Honestly I'm not very good at dealing with negative things in my life. I usually don't reach out until it's too late, or until I know I literally cannot handle it any longer on my own. I do have my other half, but he's had a much easier life than I have, and he doesn't always understand the things I'm going through. He's never before had to deal firsthand with depression, self-mutilation, eating disorders, or any of the remaining plethora of issues I have. I don't want him to feel bad because of my issues, and he doesn't really know how to deal with them for the most part. It's ok, though, because I don't either. I have my deities, but like all humans, I'm flawed and usually try to go it alone until I don't have a choice but to ask for help. I know that if I wanted and could make myself be open and frank about my issues, that I could easily have a solid support network, but because of who I am and who I allow myself to be, I cannot open up to do so. I do tend to communicate better online. I have good friends who I see in person, and most of them come over several times a week to spend time together, but if I need to have a serious conversation, it has to be online. I can't handle serious emotional issues face-to-face. Funny, it's actually why I started my LJ to begin with. It's anonymous, I don't have to put my name anywhere for others to see, and none of my friends know I have an account. It's my way of protecting them from the darkness without pushing them too far away. A way to fight the madness and crushing despair and confusion, without anyone I care about worrying or having any idea how bad it really is.
  •  I usually turn to a select couple of my friends when I'm troubled--if only because they're usually the ones around most often.  I do feel that I have a solid network of emotional support; I can generally rely on my friends to listen to my problems and sympathize with me, and (hopefully) give me advice. I do usually communicate with my friends online... I don't want to run up my cellephone bill. :<
  • Всегда и во всем поддерживает муж.
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