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Which language(s) do you currently speak? If you could learn only one other language, what would you choose, and why?

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  • English is my first language (since it's my native language).  The second language that I can almost speak fluently is... Deutsch (German).  And... after that would have to be [some] Japanese (which I studied on my own for about a year).  Which is funny, really, because I had 3+ years of Spanish and still I only know basic words for it.

    As for what language I want to learn next I have to say... Italian, Dutch, and/or Swedish.

  • I speak English but I would love to learn German/Austrian because my mum's side of the family speaks it

  • I speak English, Japanese, French and Spanish. I wanna learn Italian, because its pretty cool.

  • mah.. I'm fluent in English and tagalog, because I'm born and grew in the Philppines. and a little Japanese because I'm learning it by now little by little..
    If i could learned another language, I still prefer to choose Japanese becuase I love that language so much and if in case just in case I met KAT-TUN in person I can talk to them easily and also if I become fluent in that language, I don't need to wait for someone to translate KAT-TUN shows..

  • I speak Danish (duh) and English (double duh), and I would absolutely love to learn to speak Italian! I love everything about Italy, the food, the people, the cities, the culture, you name it.
  • свободно-английский. учу французский. почему учу- нравится язык, и во-вторых он второй язык в канаде))) следующим будет итальянский или китайский. итальянский -потому что нравится, китайский- потому что на нем говорит 1 млрд людей которые снабжают товарами весь мир))) будут учить мандарин так как он самый распространенный. категорически не хочу немецкий, однако если будет нужен для работы/бизнеса- выучу и его))

  • I Speak English and French. If I could pick one more, Greek because I plan on going to Greece in the future.

  • I was born in Thailand, so I speak thailand. And have a little english language skill
  • I speak reasonable English most of the time, and am learning Spanish. If I could choose one more language it would be French, as Canada is so close by....and also I could order in a French restaurant.

  • i speak malay and english and wants to learn japanese so when i meet hey!say!jump, i can speak with them and not just keito
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