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Is there any character from a novel or film that serves as a role model to you? What kind of advice do you think she or he would give you regarding any major issues you're facing right now?

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  • The father, Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. I was always impressed by how he taught his children compassion in regard to a neighbor who was "different' and who was willing to stand up against ugly prejudice, when it might have been easier to keep quiet.

  • I have 5 daughters, so let’s talk about real life role models, instead.

    One of the major issues I face with my daughters is modesty.

    When it comes to helping them chose role models, I cannot endorse professing Christian leaders or entertainers who do not dress modestly- no matter how gifted or talented they might be.

    It’s counterproductive.

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  • Чеширский кот))) Исчезни.

  • Zooey Glass. I can be his Franny for a day and he can slap me for free if I didn't listen and I wouldn't flinch.

  • The Inventor from "Edward Scissorhands" --- Okay, it's obvious that if you know me, Vincent Price is a gentleman to be admired and respected. And NOT just because he was in Ed Scissorhands. Tim Burton admired him in the sense that I do. His very life was both good and bad but his passion of acting as well as the warm embodiment he seems to show is something I'd love to grow more on. His Advice? Probably to not give up on myself as I have in the past and that I need not to worry so much if it's not worth dying over. Oh yeah....

  •  I actually feel really lame answering this but the character that kind of serves as a role model for me would have to be Dana Scully from the television show The X Files. Her character is just brilliant. She never takes crap from anybody and always stands for what she believes in, no matter how crazy it might sound. She is just such a strong woman and I really admire that.

    She would most likely give me wonderful advice since she has gone through so much and seen so much. I would definitaly take any advice she have would for me.

    Le sigh...saying all this really makes me wish she existed!

  • Lorelai Gilmore. She would probably tell me to take it slow and see where it goes...in the  meantime do my thing. Dont just sit around waiting on "him".

  • Role models. I have many. People that I aspire to resemble. People that I respect, that I identify with, that are in similar situations as I am. These people. I don't even know them. Fictional. Manufactured by the minds of man. Yet why is it that I understand and admire these puppets rather than those around me, living flesh and nerves and emotions and support? It's what they have that I desire. Adventure. Hope. Good-looking boys everywhere. Superpowers. If they get shot by a gun, they don't die immediately. They heal.

    Princess Zelda is someone I loved during sixth grade. I distinctly wrote in my journal, "Princess Zelda is so beautiful, selfless, and amazing! I want to be just like her!" Yes. This blonde, blue-eyed, Hylian princess with magical powers living in a magical land constantly being saved by a green-clad hero. It was far-fetched, but I loved the whole imagery of it. She matured, she started out as vaguely naive despite good intentions. She became diplomatic, just, wise. She changed. And she endured.

    Sakura Haruno is a more recent one. Most Naruto fans and anti-fans dislike her for several reasons. First, she was utterly useless in the first season. Second, she is obsessed with Sasuke and doesn't care for Naruto who has always been there for her. Three, she is a bitch. She is stupid, dumb, foolish, weak, a wimpy female. Yet. I identify with that. She's intelligent. She may not be the strongest (in the beginning), but she wants to be able to protect and fight with her comrades. People don't understand the feelings she has. Because they've never gone through it. She cries easily, but she tries. She's rather superficial and naive in the beginning, but she matures. Many people have misconceptions of her. Isn't she more human than a demon host and a revenge-obsessed fool? She doesn't have any superpowers. She works for her power. She's realistic. She grows up. She's human. She may not be the typical super girl type. But that's fine. Let's be able to identify with at least some of these people we grow up reading and obsessing over.

    Zelda would give me practical advice. She'd tell me to never give up. To clear my mind, think of the future. Something majestic and pragmatic. Sakura would better understand my sentiments and my past. She would tell me to never give up as well. But she'd say some other stuff too. Never stop believing. Let those fucking criticisms strengthen you, strengthen your resolve to grow and become a better person, friend, everything. Always stay grounded, stay positive. Even when it's impossible, know that the more you think of it that way, the more you'll fall. Stay in love. It's one of the greatest motivations out there.
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