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If you were asked to recommend one destination in your country to LiveJournal friends who had never been to your country before, what place would you choose, and why?

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  • Disneyland... there really is no other place that EVERY american has visited. It's all about Disneyland, where dreams come true.

  • Old San Juan, San Juan, PR.  Why?  It's the best and touristy part of all PR!  Just don't EVER go to "La Perla," you'll get mugged and maybe not come out alive.  A close one would be "Las Cavernas de Camuy" in Camuy, PR.
  • Mijn land is de Verenigd Koninkrijk, hoewel ik in het Nederlands schrijf. Natuurlijk zou ik Londen aanraden. Het is groot, mooi en kosmopolitisch. Anders van Londen, volgens mij zou bezoekers naar de VK, naar Wales gaan. Voornamelijk de Snowdonia vlakte.  
  • If i had to recommend one destination to ALL MY LIVEJOURNAL FRIENDS (hi allie!) then it would have to be Olive Garden. Unlimited breadsticks. Enough said.
  • Seattle. Pike place market is awesome. It it just an awesome place. Seriously.
  • BOSTON! This is where it all started! This city is full of history and life, I love it here! Plus, it's only a few hours away from New York, which is a must stop for anyone. After that, I say Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Miami is nice too. However, I will always love Boston. It is where I live, where I was born and raised, Boston is the best. I don't think I would have become the person I am today without this city. All in all, come to Boston, it's the best place you can be! Visit here for more information! http://www.usatourist.com/english/places/massachusetts/boston.html
  • I live in Quebec at the moment, in a town called Gatineau(15 minutes from Ottawa) and there arent many places to visit in that town. But i have a soft spot for Montreal and i love to go there and visit. I would sugest going to the Botanic Garden and the Biodome in Montreal.I think its some of the most beautiful places ive had the chance to visit, and its really affordable.(free parking!) I like going to the Botanic Garden in the spring because they have this exibition called ¨butterflies go free¨ in a special climate room with tropical plants and the butterflies fly around and sometimes if you stand still one of them is going to land on your head!Last year they had butterflies from Asia and Europe in the exibition. thats my favorite placeto go in Montreal. Everytime i go there i have to stop to the giant pet store, wich whe do last because it takes to much time to visit.its about the size of a wearhouse and the have about 40 different breads of dogs and cats, tropical fish ,lizards ,perrots and much more. one year they had a baby monkey that you could hand feed. it belongs to the owner of the petstore and its like the mascot of the place or something. awsome!
  • Washington DC -It's got the most bang for your buck. All the monuments, the best restaurants, the Smithsonian museums-which are free---The cherry blossoms in spring... The cool motorcades. It's just nonstop awesome.
  • Probably somewhere in the countryside, maybe the lake district or something like that where it 's full of nature and wildlife.
  • I live in Canada but despite my residence in Toronto, I would still recommend Kelowna, British Columbia. The most lush part of Canada, it's atmosphere is of peace and serenity. Whether it's summer, with it's tall forests all smothered in green, or winter, reminding everyone of an everlasting Chritmas in an ethereal winter - wonderland, Kelowna can be enjoyed at all times of the year.
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