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Sense and sensibility

If you could keep only one of your five senses--taste, touch, smell, sight, or hearing--which would you choose and why?

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  • I honestly could not say. If I had to chose, I think I would chose sight, though it would be an empty and terrifying existence. First of all, I can't imagine living without the ability to hear music. I listen to music all the time; it's a staple in my life. My thoughts are too loud and too powerful, too spontaneous, to live without the ability to hear. I think that if I had nothing to hear I would drown myself in my own thoughts. I would go out of my mind, unable to focus or function or control my own mind. That might be a stretch...but I believe it. Also I think of living without sense of touch. First of all, from a romantic/emotional prospective, it would be very lonely. You wouldn't be able to feel a hug or a simple affectionate touch--between friends, between lovers, between you and your family... But more than that I think about stepping on a tack or a piece of glass. If I couldn't feel it, I would continue for a long time with such an injury. I think of lying down to go to sleep, closing my eyes, and realizing that if someone were killing me, I wouldn't know, I wouldn't wake up. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe not having a sense of touch does not mean you feel no pain, but, regardless, I fear it. Without taste or smell, you couldn't enjoy food. I would hate life without good food, but it's preferable to suffering. In general, I think if I lost all my senses but one I would go insane. I think anyone would. Let's not dwell upon that thought....

    Originally posted December 3, 2009

  • sight. :) Even though i don`t have the rest of the senses, I can see the wonderful creations of God. :DD
    and to see him na den. :)

  • Зрение - я люблю рисовать, думаю все остальные чувства можно передать в образах.

  • Зрение, конечно же зрение. Ведь глазами тоже можно говорить и слышать )

  • Не, а вообще поражают остроумием в последнее время вопросы....и их название им очень соответствует...тогда бы поставили вместо "и" - "vs"...
  • а кому вообще в голову такой вопрос пришел? Автор вопроса космонавт что ли который на земле небыл

  • im stuck between sight and hearing.
    with hearing you van listen to beautiful music. the sounds of nature etc

    and with sight you can see(obviously) you have less chance of stepping in dog poo,walking or driving off a cliff etc
  • If you could keep only one of your five senses--taste, touch, smell, sight, or hearing--which would you choose and why? Submitted By [info] chibikanada View 1029 Answers Whenever I try and decide which of the senses is the most important, and which would affect me the most if I lost it, I always think hearing. I depend so much on it, and a world without sound would just be dead for me. But thinking about it, since touch is one of the tradditional 5 senses, I've gotta go with that one. Whether we notice or not, I'd say touch is the sense we use the mst. It tells us what's around us, and helps us determine where we are and ground ourselves in reality. If we lose our balance, we reach out and touch something to steady ourselves. Nature, to my knowledge, doesn't even take that one away from us! The only exceptions I can think of are nerve damage, paralysis, or arm or hand amputations. So yeah, touch is my answer.
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