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The Evolution of My Internet

How has the Internet evolved to meet your needs since you started using it?

Answers (84)

  • The internet has evolved where I can check my email from anywhere. I can video chat with anybody all over the world. I can watch all the shows I want from anywhere. I can also look up anything on google anywhere in the world. The internet has evolved so much that it is all over the world. I can download music and movies from the internet from anywhere.
  • We used to only have dialup available to us, and we had to dial long-distance to access the Internet. We used Juno; and back then, Juno was text-only, with an appearance very much like a VAX-VMS dumb terminal. If someone sent a MIME format message through, all we got was a hodge-podge of letters and characters. Also, I had to subscribe to news feeds to get my fanfic, and I had to print it out to read it! Oh, and Mom and I shared one e-mail address. I had to go to the only computer store that had web access when I needed to look for jobs. They were kind enough to let people surf the web free of charge for as long as they wanted, as long as there wasn't anyone else waiting in line. Eventually, a local dialup service became available, and they gave us access to both HTML e-mail and the worldwide web. Their servers got overwhelmed a lot, as well as having outages, but they beat what Juno had to offer back then by a long shot. Now, DSL is available in our area. We got SBC (now AT&T) Yahoo DSL. Ever since AT&T took over, however, the speed has gotten slower and navigation around "Yahoo" has gotten less user friendly. (AT&T Yahoo takes over what would be your Yahoo front page. SBC did this, too, but in a much more user-friendly manner.)
  • Most of the recent changes to the internet has been the addition of technology that I can't afford. I can't afford Blackberries nor could I afford to text message from my cellular telephone. I can't afford to pay for cell phones that allows you to watch forty-five minute television show episodes straight from it's internet portal. I wish I had the cash to afford all of that, but not on a minimum wage salary.
  • No... It still doesn't cook me breakfast.... Also, I miss the anonimity of web 1.0
  • the internet will never meet everyone needs but it has created a new bread of lazy and fat people.when person needs are met then they will not use the internet anymore, thats why the internet cannot meet a persons needs
  • Well it certainly hasn't delivered my chobit if that's what you're asking.
  • 1.porn. 2.creating "needs" i never had before. like this. and facespace. fuck the internet.
  • porn.
  • I have been using it for about 10 years now and when I first started, it was just to talk to others online and waste time. Now I use it for many things like job searching and applying, news and information, and watching tv shows I might have missed during the week. Of course I still talk to friends online, but not as much as I used to. The internet definitely has come a long way since 10 years ago for me!
  • The World Wide Web and the Internet do not meet needs. They meet wants. I like communicating with people long distance with the click of a button.
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