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Internet: Back in Time

How have the ways you used the Internet changed over the years? How did you use it ten or fifteen years ago compared to how you use it now?

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  • It has definitely changed significantly. When I began using the Internet maybe 14 years ago, I used it basically for chat rooms. As time progressed and connections got quicker, I used it for research on homework, chatting with friends, looking at photos, and waiting 45 minutes to watch a clip from Titanic. I used it less than I do now. Nowadays, going a whole day can sometimes feel like torture.
  • I used internet 10 years ago to connect with my friend...Nothing has changed since that time...
  • In 1999 I was playing EverCrack and Gemstone III. Today, I play World of Warcrack and Atlantica. So.. not much has changed. :P I didn't start blogging about it till 2003.
  • i don't think i had the internet ten years ago, loool~ but when i did get it i don't think much has changed; i always used it for social purposes like making new friends and watching new animu. i do those both on a much much much much more subtle level now. other than that, not much has changed. except i was a cyber sexing fiend when i was ten years old. i knew too much for my age.
  • For one thing, fifteen years ago, I didn't even know there was a such animal as an "internet." I first got into it in about 1996 or so. A friend introduced me to the America Online chartooms, where we'd sit and meet guys, make up funky things about ourselves, and then flirt with them. Yes, juvenile, I know... *looks guilty* I then explored text-based role-playing games, the primitive precursors to RuneScape and World of Warcraft. Yet, at home, we didn't get internet at all until late 1996 or 1997. Mostly, that was because my dad didn't "believe" in it. My first at-home experience, though, was when I had actually talked him into allowing me to get a Juno e-mail account. Those were days when the program could "ping" the e-mail company by calling a number via modem, downloading the messages and uploading ones you'd written, and then cutting the call. Somehow we made-do with a simple 28K dialup modem (which was actually one of the hottest, high-tech modems, if I recall that correctly.) Later our family got AOL service, and it was a nearly constant fight between my brothers and myself as to who got to use the computer. To make matters worse, no one could use the telephone while someone was on the internet, so we had to have open lines of communication in our household as to who was doing what with the one and only phone line (my parents were too cheap to get another line.) Take a MASSIVE jump to today, over ten years later... I'm online almost constantly. I can get incoming and place outgoing phone calls all whilst online. Checking email requires little more effort than starting Outlook Express or a web browser, and I frequently complain about the slowness of a loading webpage which is heavy in graphics and Java scripts or which contains an entire freaking video while using the fastest DSL connection possible for my little neck of the woods (which is slow anyway but the phone company that serves this area doesn't have anything faster. I know, I checked very recently and they said they don't even have plans to upgrade it! Even though I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't mind actually *PAYING* for faster web!) To think, about a decade ago, I didn't even have my own computer and it took almost five minutes to actually connect. You'd sit down, get the internet service program loading, and then go make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or something. By the time you got back, the program *might* have you connected and downloading the first of a handful of emails. Also, with my current setup, I don't even have to have my computer plugged into a wire! I've got a WiFi setup that makes it convenient to download internet porn while sitting on the can! (Although, I've never actually done that. Swear to Darwin I haven't!)
  • I can't resist answering after my recent posts about trying to update my website. But, really, when I first got online, in 1997 (yes, I got in late) I was on AOL and therefore the whole "social networking" thing was actually big part of it...but within the confines of the AOL message boards and chat rooms, as well as AIM. But for reaching the greater internet community, it was the websites. Shortly after getting on, I put together a horrid site for The Pagan Coffee Talks, the local Portsmouth, NH get together we had. Then for our group. Then we got Irony (hence the icon) and I did my first personal site centered around her. Webrings, guestbooks, on-site message boards. And email lists, of course. It seems all that got left behind with social networks. Well, also the various changes in web/netring sites that made the unusable and killed traffic to websites before social networks did. That was all just so last century.
  • I don't surf porn anymore...porn surfs for me
  • Alot has more stuff and can find out about more things than usual.
  • It scares me to think I have been using the internet for ten or fifteen years. As a matter of fact, I have been using the internet for ... sixteen years. Back then it was what, a hacked email account at Stanford and MUD? I don't think I could have even conceived of what the freaking thing is like now, seriously. Wow, now I feel old.
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