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Reminiscing about the Internet

Do you remember the things you did when you first started using the Web and how it has changed your life?

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  • yea
  • The things I first did when I started using the web were to look up cheat codes for computer games. I remember looking them up for Dark Forces II, at my father's work, when I was 10 years old. I still remember jediwannabe and red5. Later I took to downloading 3rd party units and maps for Total Annihilation. TADD was my favorite unit group, it later became Merciless Creations. There was also TAUCC which, when its domain name expired, was replaced with a porn site. Next came the Half-Life mod scene, and the Quake 2 mod scene. There was also The Reincarnate from Hell, a browser based game, and many more. So I guess that takes things from the 1997 or earlier up through about 2001 or 2002, and use about 100 floppies, a few zip disks, a portable zip drive, a portable hard drive. I would rather not get into 2003, though year does include some interesting stories, when I started reading web comics, my first web spider. The Braindead Monkeys were discovered before the end of 2003, but possibly as early as late 2001.
  • I was just emailing at first, I used Juno, a bad service at best, It did help me find people way out in the world it was exhilarating. When I got my first internet pc [1994] it was awesome, I was off and running, so much information out there so little time.
  • I used to chat with random older guys when I was 15-16, and pretend I'd meet them when I really had no intention of ever doing it. I used chat rooms so much back then, and since then, I haven't used one. I used to spend hours on this one website, looking at clips from Titanic, or Titanicmovie.com downloading wallpaper. Internet has changed my life in that I use it more than I did when I was sixteen, and am a lot more dependent on it than I ever was when I was younger.
  • When I first really starting using the internet, I was on pogo.com playing games and socializing. It was - quite literally - the only source of social interaction I got aside from sitting through school like a zombie. Then I met Them. They became my life. Eve and Divana. Dana and Nic. d and n. Whatever - doesn't matter what we were called. "What is a rose? That which we call by any other name would smell as sweet...". Roleplaying, forums, MSN/AIM - hours upon hours of typing, talking, creating stories and lives, adventures and mischief. I still have the letter Dana sent - one of them, at least. With the simple descriptions of the (relatively) short character list we had back then. When Rio was just coming into being. That letter is postmarked 2002. Already a year and a half? And the bracelet. Nic sent them out for Christmas one year - silver chains with the card suits. I have mine. A little tarnished, but it stays on the candlestick holder that I use for a bracelet holder. So much I remember... So much I've lost. And that? That is how I started on the internet. The changes it has had on my life are drastic, and things - people - I will never forget. Never give up.
  • I first started using the Internet when I was in grad school in Rochester. I pretty much used it to find lists of why Picard was better than Kirk and what lines from Star Wars sound dirty out of context. Basically, my use of the Internet has changed very little over the years. ;-)
  • I first started using it in July 1995. But I really didn't START using it until 1997; that's when I first started joining chatrooms, and playing online games (I'm talking to you, beloved Team Fortress). The web has influenced my life most through the artistic and musical sense. Sites such as World 4-2, DeviantART, and a number of music-sharing programs has aided in my appreciation of the music and arts. It's at those sites there's just SO MUCH diversity, and it's all available. You truly can find your personality through the music and arts when you have exposure to that amount of it, and you bet it's been an influence to me. World 4-2 has even compelled me to get into it myself! My social life took a hit. Absolutely took a hit. Every moment I sit in front of this monitor it might take a hit; it's time I'm certainly NOT spending engaging people face-to-face. I think that, until you actually meet somebody or talk on the phone to somebody with whom you first became acquainted online, using the web all but detrimentally affects your social life.
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