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Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

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  • простил! понял что зря! бросили нах!) ну чтож неучимся на чужих тогда учитесь на своих)
  • Простить смог - забыть нет. Так было ли это прощением?
  • I haven't seen New Moon Movie yet.. I am waiting until it comes out on DVD at home! I own all Stephanie Meyer Books.. So far I love reading the books they're much better! Happy Holiday's, Kristi Ann
  • I think it compares a big dealto the books, with the characters and such. I was really impressed and i found the sequel even better that the first. I dont know if its because of the budget, the special effects(that were alot better BTW )or if its the new characters that were introduced to the series, but i loved it!
  • Haha anyone who watched the movie first/never liked it before...F*** U! POSERS!I haven't seen it and don't plan to...the first one was absolute crap compared to the book...plus now there's all these fake followers....haha i used to get made fun of for liking twilight...now since it's popular the kids that make fun of me like it hhaha it is sooo lame I hate posers/hypocrites!Most people who say they like the movie/book don't...go real twilighters!
  • Seriously? I'm female. Of course I've seen it. Soon to be multiple times. There's nothing better than sitting with your girlfriends trying to convince yourself that admiring something beautiful does not make you a cradle robber. Much. I thought it was well done, not strictly to the book, but close enough that there weren't many conflicts. There were a couple of scenes/details that I would have made a little more in-line with the book, but I completely understand why they were done differently, and have no qualms with the outcome. And yes, of course it was better than Twilight. More Jacob, less leech. Can you tell which Team I bat for? Woof woof, baby.
  • well i always thought that twilight was dumb and and for people with no lives aka my sister hahah, but any the movie was an ok movie, even worse if u didnt see the first like me
  • It was so much better them Twilight!! The movie actually went along nicely in order with the events in the book....I can't wait to see Eclipse, it comes out in June of 2010!!
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