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Writer's Block

Is your goose (or tofu) cooked?

Are you planning to host Thanksgiving at your place or will you travel to see family and/or friends? Do you prefer a traditional menu or something entirely different?

Answers (303)

  • По-моему, русские вообще не отмечают этот праздник... Я вот в Канаде живу, правда, и только поэтому знаю о существовании этого праздника! Да, во всяком случае, в северной америке это отмечают, а про другие страны не знаю... Но, во всяком случае, это правильно, что тут это есть - здесь, можно сказать, большинство людей более обеспеченные, чем во многих других странах... Так что согласна, что им надо за это быть благодарными! Это ведь не всегда заслуга индивидуалов, которые здесь родились - им уже даны многие возможности, которых нет в бедных и разрушенных странах, чисто благодаря тому, что они появились на свет здесь, а не, к примеру, в Афганистане!

  • Какой нахрен День благодарения?Наши предки не высаживались в Пендоссии на восточном побережье Атлантики и не голодали там,и как идиоты и варвары не отбирали последнюю жареную индейку у местного населения!Они не стали поэтому отцами-основателями и мы их не благодарим за ЭТО!Прекратите навязывать нам педосские праздники- они чужды нам и нишей культуре!
  • No. I didn't host Thanksgiving. I did travel to see family but wasnt my choice. I don't really care either way if meal is traditional or not. I rather of stayed home that day.
  • I doubt I'll ever host a Thanksgiving dinner, as I don't have the necessary skills to prepare and host such a feast. Not to mention that I live in a Studio apartment, and don't have the room to host my family. The holiday was hosted at my sister Mary's place this year; my other siblings take turns each year, as each of them have homes big enough to fit 20 people. All things considers, I guess I prefer a "traditional" menu. A couple of times we had Chinese take-out for the holiday. It was edible, but not memorable in a good way.
  • Last year and the year before, I spent Thanksgiving here at the Mary Bryant Home. That happened because my parents were renovating the house the first year. Last year, however, I couldn't go up to Broookfield, Wisconsin because the weather had already gone bad. It had already snoed several inches, and I didn't own any snow boots to make getting around in wintry weather somewhat safer. This time was different. My mom and I had talked about having me come up for the holidays. I jumped on the chance, as long as the weather didn't take a wrong turn. Luckily, I was safe, and I went to my home in Brookfield, Wisconsin for a magnificant Thanksgiving. Except for a bit of chilly weather and rain, I had a wonderful time with my family. If I could do it again for Christmas, I would definitely jump at the chance.
  • Planning on visiting family. Prefer the traditional menu for Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving was a solo affair at home - family and friends all live far, far away, and the family definitely has issues I don't want to deal with if at all possible :-| Plus I had to be in the office today anyhow, and possibly tomorrow as well.
  • Neither for us this year. Just me, Stephen & the "kids". The dogs got fresh bones from the butcher and we had: Roast turkey with a sage butter rub Stuffing Spiced cranberry sauce (cinammon, ground cloves & ginger) Roasted yams & onions Mashed potatoes & gravy Apple pie with a pecan crumb topping It was one of the best Thanksgiving's we've had in a while. Stephen & I got our day started right in the bedroom, then we spent all day laughing, talking, cooking, playing video games & then watched a movie before bed. A lot of times we have friends over for Thanksgiving, those who have no family nearby. This year everyone had plans, so it was just the two of us. The best thing is that I still have 3 more days off!!!
  • The family is hosting it at their place.
  • My family and I came up on the 20th to visit my sister and now it's already time to leave... we leave tomorrow sometime in the morning i would imagine. I had a great time while i was up here and got to spend 4 days and part of this morning with my gf. Now, it won't be the same... we shared some really deep and important moments yet had a lot of fun together and got a chance to interact and just be with one another. I got a glimpse into her world and see what her day to day life is like and now it's a part of me. One of my most fondest memories while I was visiting her was one of our mornings together we just lied in bed just talking and the way the dim light of the early morning crept into the room it enhanced her personality and made her seem very real and alive. She was beautiful to me right then and there as she shared with me some of her life. I was admiring her eyelashes, watched her hand jesters and her facial expressions she reminded me of a little girl in some ways, it was cute but real. What i would give to go back and relive that moment with her. She challenges me and makes the simple things fun, find comfort in her, safety, security and I care about her deeply and miss her at this very moment as i recall and write...
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