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If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

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  • Probably American Idiot by Green Day, gives me lots of different moods, things to ponder, and always makes me sob at the end, even though I don't listen to the end a lot.
  • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance <3

  • я выбрал бы пустую болванку, чтобы мозг не засорять

  • Foiled - Blue October
  • I think it would have to be Maroon 5's remix cd Call and Response. I already listen to at least one song from it almost every day. If I'm not listening to it I'm singing one of the songs to myself.
  • эм...наверно, эпидемию. оч нравится их музыка и мотивы. даже обьяснять нечего! просто нравится!
  • FREAK OUT! by The Mothers of Invention. Such a wide-ranging variety of musical styles that I never tire of playing it.
  • "Violator" Depeche Mode ...ну или "Californication" RHCP DM - за прекрасные тексты. Сколько раз слушаю - столько нахожу новые грани, новые смыслы RHCP - за свои прекрасные воспоминания. я очень много слушала их в прекрасные студенческие годы в своей маленькой избушке на курьих ножках, в плеере гуляя по улицам Днепра, в Крыму солнечном и дождливом, с друзьями, везде Ах, какие мы были молодые и прекрасные бестолковые ))) но все было так... бесподобно : )
  • It's a difficult one but the soundtrack to "White Nights" is still one of my favorites. Where else can you get songs from Robert Plant, Roberta Flack, Lou Reed and Phil Collins on one CD. A decent movie to this day and an awesome soundtrack. Not one bad song on the CD.
  • An mp3 I burned of radio static. That way I can ignore it when my whim no longer tolerates whatever song I picked. Nothing really would work if I had to listen to it forever, so something neutral to my aural palette would be best. Either an mp3 file of static or an mp3 of generic slot machine music sans sound effects and voices.
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