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Who will you be?

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Are you going to wear coordinating costumes with a friend or partner? Did you buy something pre-fab or make it yourself?

Answers (463)

  • Оборотнем в погонах
  • В костюм оборотня в погонах
  • Я язычницкие праздники не праздную
  • For halloween I was a redneck. I decided to be a redneck because my cousins are rednecks and I think they dress funny. I was just trying to be funny and not look like an idiot. I went out with my mom to look for goofy clothes, so we got a checkered sleeveless button down shirt, jean shorts, and a hat. I thought I was doing them justice. Me and my friends never went trick-or-treating, but we did indeed go to clubs and parties. I didnt coordinate any costumes with them, they were zombies and indians.
  • This year I was a play boy bunny. No, my boyfriend was a skater (because he wanted to relate to his costumes) because in real life he was a skater. It was half pre-fab and half home-made.
  • i was orginally going to get an i dream of jeanie costume till i saw the bollywood bride costumes. i doctored it a bit, but it was pretty authentic and decent. i hve a post in my blog about it. they had fake sari costumes which were tied aweful. so i decided against those. i went to my mother's n ursing home and everyone loved it.

  • It's a bit late to give an answer to that, but well...

    I've always wanted to do something Jekyll'n'Hyde-ish with myself and I'm f***ing proud with this one. I "borrowed" the make-up design from deviantART.
  • I was The Joker. It was a Badass costume because I actually bought a suit and everything worked out perfect.
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    I'm little Red Riding Hood! And yes I AM matching my costume with someone else!

    In fact you can take a gander at our costumes! My boyfriend is the Huntsman who slays the Wolf and saves my life! YAY! <3

  • Me and my friends went as alice mcgees alice and wonderland characters and won first place!
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