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Writer's Block

Green-eyed monster

If your romantic partner told you that, given the chance, he or she would sleep with a celebrity/public figure you disrespect, would you be amused, jealous, or bewildered? How would they react if the situation were reversed?

Answers (223)

  • это всего лишь маленько хотение. Я посмеюсь, но злится не буду.

  • I would be bewildered and I would not sleep with anyone else. I know that I am old-fashioned but I did not get married to not respect my life partner and having sex with anyone else (beside myself) is disrespectful to everyone involved.
  • I guess it really wouldn't matter much if I respected the celebrity, maybe that makes my jealousy more heinous because I don't give a pass to the accolade--who cares if the person is known or not? It's cheating just the same right? Should I respect someone enough to fuck my lover? Free pass for the privileged, I don't think so! I wouldn't even ask for an autograph. Screw Tom Cruise!
  • It would depend on the celebrity, but it would either be amused or bewildered. I honestly couldn't bring myself to be jealous, because there are several celebrities I would sleep with given the chance, though I think they're all respectable enough that if I had a romantic partner, I'd like to think they would be able to accept it. :P
  • Some combination of bewildered and vaguely scornful. I'd ask why, he'd explain, and we'd probably agree to disagree - with some playful teasing involved. ... Actually - that has happened before, in both directions, so I guess that answers the second half of the question.
  • Lmfao! this is a funny question..OF COURSE i would be mad if my bf told me that! it doesn't matter if the person is a celebrity or not..if we're together, why the hell would i wanna hear him tell me he would sleep with someone else?!?!?! And if the situation were reversed..HA!!! he would be equally as mad! Cuz of course, i'd say VIN DIESEL! And i already know he feels about that...lol =]
  • I would be amused. But I can't be jealous over that because I would LOVE to sleep with Zac Efron ;) He can bang Megan Fox in the room next door for all I care lol
  • i will slap his face and leave. hello?!
  • Isnt this from an episode of friends? I think the idea is really funny because honestly it would never happen. So no I wouldnt be offended because it wouldnt really happen. If by some frakish chance it did happen i would however be upset that they actually choose to go through with it.
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