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If you could relive one hour of your life so far, what would you choose and why? Would you do or say anything different? How do you think it would change your life?

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  • I would take an hour of the day...When I got to sit outside of Kresge Auditorium and be with the people i love.  Wouldn't change that for the world.

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  • This is such a difficult question, even though I have had lived considerably less hours than the average human, at the age of eighteen. There are so many possibilities that run through my head, most of them pertaining to relationships, some to friendship, but nothing that really seems to jump out. I have never really done anything, or not done, I regret so much that I would have wanted to change it no matter what, nor have I experienced anything on the extreme opposite of that spectrum. But I think I've mentioned a few of my best memories before, but is a memory necessarily something that is worth reliving? Some things really are better off staying in one's head. I guess it still comes back to the same night after all. The night that the mafia/familia/whatever XD had the big sleepover thing over at my place shortly before I departed from Canada. I must have mentioned this a few times already in the course of these two years, but I suppose that shows exactly how much the memory means to me. Activities included Katamari, Bridge to Terabithia and trolling Sgcafe :D. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in one night on my life. Being with people I genuinely respect, all for different reasons, accept and love being around is the best feeling in the world, and I've never found anyone else I can feel the same way about. I think you guys are the only big group of people I could like being around, I usually dislike hanging out in large numbers. We're pretty distant from each other now, but you guys have always been in my best memories. :) There's nothing I would have changed, or could have changed, within that hour, though. Some good memories might just be better off as just that, a memory, but who wouldn't want to relive their absolute best memory?
  • 2004 год, 6 мая. сказал бы "НЕТ!". ненавижу этот день всем сердцем! слышишь ты, блять, мистер 6е мая! Я НЕНАВИЖУ ТЕБЯ!
  • Good question. I have a lot of things that I could change and relive, but if I had to choose one hour, it would be the hour that I sprained my ankle last basketball season because it hurt and I could have done something besides play the rest of the quarter. I would have said to Coach Weidner to call time-out because I'd hurt my ankle. I wouldn't be writing this if I had.
  • The moment when i lost my virginity then again i wouldn't have my daughter Autumn sex is life it produces life in every aspect.
  • If i could relive an hour, i would most definately go back to the day that Aj told me how he really felt about me. I would actually tell him how i felt about him instead of sitting there like an idiot and not saying anything to him at all. I wouldnt let him walk away and move on the way he did. Cuz i really fell in love with him. Maybe, just maybe, if i wouldve said something to him that day, things would be so diffferent between us. Sigh, what can i say? i really miss the guy and sad about the way he has turned out.
  • Actually, there's a year in my life I want to relive again. But then, if I only have an hour, that would be when I was saying goodbye to my parents. i would definitely hug and kiss and make them feel how much I love them and how much I will miss them.
  • Wow...what a question. If I had one hour to relive, what would I choose? I think I would relive that last hour my sort of ex-boyfriend and I shared back in January 2006. Relive the beauty of his arms around me, and just the utter peace I felt in that moment would be unimaginable. What would I do differently, is offer the poor guy some food. I wouldn't have been so nervous in his presence, and just be the hospitable person I am now. I might have also turned around in that chair during that intimate moment, and let him know how much I appreciated him. It might not sound like it, but I am over this guy.
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