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Would you talk to the dead?

Have you ever participated in a seance? If not, would you consider it? What spirit would you summon and what question would you ask them? Do you believe we can get messages from the dead?

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  • unfortunately, i havent. i would go any second! HELL yes!

    i would summon my greatgrandmother, because my mother says so many cool things about her, and how she´d adore me and spoil me. or maybe audrey hepburn. i´d ask her too many things to list down :B

    i do believe we can get messages from the dead, and some of us can see them & speak to them.

    i´d like to have the gift of seeing them/speaking to them.

  • Участвовала. Вызвали дух Чайковского, и, пока он спускался, стали уточнять, голубой он был или нет? Он и не спустился к нам. Вызвали Пушкина и спрашивали его о замужестве, детях.
  • Нет, и не допускаю, потому что это оскорбит мои религиозные чувства, т. е. Православие. Никого призывать бы я не стал, потому что невозможно призвать душу усопшего, она попала либо в рай, либо в ад. В наш мир она возвратиться никак не может
  • I have always been fascinated by the spiritual world, but I have never taken part in a seance or a ouija board, and I don't think I would unless it was with a psychic who has experience and knows what they are doing. I've heard some horrible stories about people's experiences with this sort of thing, and as much as it interests me and I have a sort of longing to try it, just to see what happens, I wouldn't unless I had 100% trust that I was with someone who knew what they were doing.
  • No, I have never participated in a seance, I would like to, but I have not. Yes, I would consider it. If I could participate in a seance I would definately summon the spirit of Todd, I would ask him what Heaven is like and how the building of "Sunset 66" is going up there. Yes, I do beleive in messages from the dead.
  • I would love to do a senance-but NO wiji boards.

  • My family used to do this when I was a kid. We'd upturn a glass and write letters on pieces of paper placed around the table. For some reason we'd often get dead POWs from WWII. I think that we do is channel memories from either within ourselves, or from a "cosmic repository". I think the dead are dead, but that doesn't mean  that i don't miss them.

  • I've never participated in a seance, but I have had the opportunity to talk to the dead.  When one  of them has had something to say they have come to me and said what they needed to.
    I'm of a mind because of my experiences with them, that trying to contact them is opening a rather large door and you have no real idea where your opening it to.
    When they come, it's specific and they know who they want to talk to.  
  • Never; no and I wouldn't. I've read to much H.P. Lovecraft. I've thought to much about the unthinkable, name'd the unnamable and while I haven't actually seen the un-seeable I might as well say I have. (and did I mention I have certainly read too much HPL?) What was it Charles Dexter Ward was told? "do not call up any that you can not put down." Yes it;s just fiction but who bloody cares, I'm not sure ghosts and whatnot are real but if they are I'm quite certain Lovecraft got it right. Charles Dexter Ward was only calling up his own ancestor and look at the mess it got him into? Although if such nonsense was indeed feasible and I could be absolutely certain that I wasn't going to call up Joseph Curwen and that whatever I did end up with I could dismiss instantly if I so wished, I'd use that sort of thing as the next best thing to time travel. Instead of annoying myself with the internet I'd call up the Venerable Bede and/or Tolkien and/or Lovecraft and/or Robert Louis Stevenson and whatever other authors come to mind (I'd leave John Keats alone, though), and I'd invite up the king from Sutton Hoo and perhaps a few other archaeological celebrities; the language barrier might pose an issue but with enough careful preparation and study on my part it'd shouldn't be too much a problem, and we'd sit up all night chatting. Hopefully they'd all be corporeal enough for me to offer them the traditional tea and chocolate (that's almost an in-joke, reminds me I need to go get back on that forum......), it'd be awkward to converse with people I greatly respect and not be able to play a decent host. I'll shut up and finish my sake now Linguistics....... Typefaces......... Raymund Wighte's Lovecraftian adventures (which aren't at all like Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath [I hope])........ Sake........... Dead Authors.......... Sutton Hoo......... Forums......... Drunkposting!

  • Yes, I have participated. Spirits, though I do not normally summon, they usually come to me. Messages from the dead..always
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