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If these walls could talk

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

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  • Probably I've lived in haunted locations before.
  • да, да, да)))
  • This is a bit dated too, having gotten this from 's journal as well. But I had to answer, having direct experience in this area. As you know, three years ago my brother died in his home. He was found several days later by police doing a well-being check when his employer did not heard from him. Then two months later, needing a place to live and wanting to settle my brother's estate, my daughter and I moved in and stayed for a year and a half. It was a very nice condo, though not really "the home of my dreams". It was in a remote area of Madison where you have to drive at least five minutes to shops, work, entertainment and so on. My daughter went to school in neighboring Sun Prairie, and she would have had to go to the other side of SP for middle school had we stayed. But we lost the condo to foreclosure and had to move back to Chicago. My brother was not murdered, brutally or otherwise thank goodness, but I believe there was energy residue associated with the death. Toward the end, my brother was very lonely, and I think it was the emotion that remained after he passed. I was also going through guilt from his death, my dicey relationship with my mother, the end of my marriage. With all these factors, I fell into a deep depression and was briefly hospitalized. Had he been murdered, who knows what effect it would have had on me - or my daughter for that matter. It may have been a factor in my cat Princess/Gorgeous's recent illness and death. It was a reason I couldn't save the condo or remain in Madison, though I'm still looking for a way back in. So would I live in a house where people were brutally murdered? Most likely not, given my sensitive nature. I would have to have a spiritual cleansing of the place, done by another person with experience (I've seen enough episodes of "A Haunting" to know what happens when a person with no experience or little belief in the paranormal moves into a haunted house) and no emotional connection with the house or past events. That's my only reservation behind it. But with some love and TLC, bad situations can always turn around. So I would have to think carefully before moving. Caveat emptor, as they say.
  • I actually live just down a road from where a real brutal murder had taken place. The people living there don't mind it, I don't think i'd mind it to much, but if it was haunted, ok i don't do good with scary movies so I don't think I'd do good in a haunted house, though I don't believe in Ghosts or anything. All though if a brutal murder had taken place in my dream house or if it was haunted it wouldn't be my dream house and more.
  • Well this one actually quite funny because I really wouldn't care if the house was haunted or even that their was a murder that had taken place their if its the house of your dreams,its the house of your dreams you cant change the past so why try to.Their is so many houses out their that murders have taken place they just dont tell you...you have to ask,think about that one for awhile!I dont mind a little extra company lol anyway I haunt the haunted,they dont haunt me.So this ones a no brainier of course i would live their especially if it was free!
  • Yes I would, its the living that harm and not the dead, I am very spiritual and would talk to the murdered person and tell them to haunt their murderer and send them potty.
  • А у нас в квартире жило привидение. Убийств не было. Но все живое, поселявшееся в одной из комнат, умирало в короткий срок (будь то растения, животные или люди).
  • OF COURSE! But then again...I actually am interested in that kind of stuff. The thought of ghosts just makes me so excited, not to mention the good price of rent or whatever. This isn't say I'm heartless, oh course I would feel terrible that I am taking advantage of another persons suffering and death to fetch a good deal for myself, but I think as long as I were to respect the former owner's spirit and memory then I could absolve those feelings. Plus if I was worried about vengeful spirits, I think honoring their memory might solve that problem as well.
  • i totally would move in. anything and everything paranormal is a passion of mine. i live in a house with at least 2 ghosts but nothing too high octane, my husband thinks im crazy. im disappointed because its not AS haunted as otherplaces ive lived.
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