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Mysterious benefactor

If you could give a secret gift of any value to one anonymous recipient, who would you choose and what would you give them?

Answers (375)

  • Easy one. I'd give a lifetime's supply of Lego to a certain friend. I'm not going to say who... Alternatively I'd give a homeless man on the street a guitar and teach him to play. Music is the best gift one can give anyone. Unless you really, REALLY like Lego.
  • Я бы подарил его любимой девушке. А были бы это цветы и мягкая игрушка
  • A large stocks of a lot of large and successful business that will ensure many lifetime of financial security. If I could give this gift, I would give it to my mother, me, my family and friends. We both agree that financial security is a very good gift for a peaceful mind and life.
  • I would give my (nameless!) friend a fully paid-for chauffeur service-with a sexy Irish folk-singer driver with a large car so she could take her friends with her to places. The car would always have a big stash of cash in the champagne cooler for treating her friends. ;-)

  • i would give an envelope of money annonymously to my aunt....she really deserves the financial freedom that would give her.

  • id give that one guy who chills downt town and asks for weed money a million dollar and then id chill with him everyday.

  • If the recipient is anonymous that pretty much rules out me choosing who it is. Another poorly worded question. I need to quit looking at these damn questions. They're becoming quite lame in one way or another...
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