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If your best friend asked you OR your partner to help you conceive a child, would you consider it? How do you think it would affect your friendship and your relationship?

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  • I did have a friend ask me to help her and her wife, and I was all for it, but my girlfriends freaked. Now I'm fixed, so I'll never have that chance again. However, if anyone ever wanted a girlfriend of mine to be a surrogate for them, I'd be all for it... pregnant women are incredibly sexy. ;)
  • I've actually had this discussion, and the answer is yes. One of my closest friends is a gay man whose partner is of the same mind as he: kids are cool. Given that a.) clearly they cannot conceive and b.) current adoption laws are stacked against them going through an agency to adopt, really their only option is private arrangement. I'd be not only willing, but pleased and proud to help them build a family, and m'lovely Joyful has said she's cool with it. She loves the two of them, too. If such a thing were to come to pass, it would be in the distant future. R's in the military and isn't home for about another year, and the pair of them aren't really of an age yet. Technically, yes, but they're still fairly young. They'd need to establish a home, first. Given that establishment, however, it's a definite 'yes', if they ask me. I think, as a whole, it would bring us all a bit closer together. We're close enough now that it would be a shared experience, which would please me, and Joyous and I would stay a close part of the child's life after its birth, or we'd hunt down and kill A and R, so. :D
  • At this point in my life I don't believe in reproduction. I'm living for myself and myself only until the day I die. There are enough baby-making machines in this goddamn country alone to populate the fucking universe. Exaggeration.
  • I would say sorry try adopting. There are plenty of unwanted children on this planet.
  • I'm going with a loose version of the term 'conceive', being that since I'm a guy my perticular role in the matter wouldn't be half as complicated as the girl. I also sort of have to take the viewpoint of myself only, since I'm rampantly single and that has been a long-term title. This is going to all sound very strange, I'm trying to keep an open mind here. Since my sister is my best friend. So we'll go with the suggestion that she was dating some woman and said woman would be the one carrying the kid....still, that borders wrong I guess. I don't know if I'd really want to admit to a kid that their uncle was technically their biological father too. Or, I wouldn't have many issues with it but that's the sort of thing the world looks at as bizarre, doesn't it? All those stipulations and issues aside, I'd still try to find some outlet to help Ly, though I can't imagine why she might want another kid. But then I never figured out why she wanted that giant Burmese-whatever-it-was dog that she kept until it got too big to fit on the couch with me while I was sleeping there; she has these interesting odd whims. Babies though...I still have this self-directed outlook that I shouldn't be sharing my part of the gene pool with much of anyone just yet. I can just live vicariously in the idea of having kids by dragging my nephew around a few more years until he's a teenager and hits that hate the family stage.

  • OH i would def be a suragete for a friend.  I loved being preg so wouldnt think twice about it.  As for relationship afterwards i honestly think it could be a little hard letting baby go but would because id know it really wasnt mine.  I'd have special place in my heart for it.  Relationship with friend i dont think would change too much.  I might distance a bit at first so bonding etc happens easier for her and that she wouldnt consider me a threat in that area. 

  • xD no awkwardness whatsoever.  Watch Queer as Folk. lol Brian and Meg. rofl.

  • I don't think I would consider it. I think it would put a strain on both the friendship and the relationship.

  • If my best friend asked me to concieve a  child for her, I would because I love my best friend and I would die for my best friend.
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