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Happy go lucky

Do you believe some people are more fortunate than others or do you think people create their own luck? In your opinion, are some people cursed?

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  • Some people are cursed because of what they do. For example if they do something bad then something bad will happen to them. If  someone steals then they will get the punishment they deserve although it could take a while to come around. 
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  •  well i think that people create their own luck....!!! actually i dont belive in "LUCK" !! God has a plan for our lives, we can change our future...we would probably be going against what god has planned for us. To know what god has planned for us...we need to be close to him and know what his will is for us. There is no such thing as  fortune...!! and people can be cursed....but its by the devil himself..!

  • Luck... Hmmm. Do the gods play games with the lives of men, rolling celestial dice? Or is our destiny in our own hands? Karmic Balance, that's supposed to be the in-thing these days, isn't it? For every good thing that happens, something bad happens. Bullshit! Personally, I go with the '70s bumper sticker: "Shit Happens". Things happen by random chance. Some things are good, some things are bad. But chance and luck are not necessarily the same thing, are they? Chance dictates that if you roll a dice six hundred times, you should get an even distribution of each number. Luck, however is what people choose to call the "butterfly effect", the influence of chaos on chance, which dictates that there will always be a greater proportion of one number than the others. Can we make our own luck? Technically, no, but in practice of course we can. I have never, ever, lost money playing on-line poker. Nor will I ever loose money playing on-line poker. Why? Am I incredibly good at poker? No, I'm crap at it! Amd I incredibly lucky? No. I make my own luck at Poker by not playing it! Only bet on a sure thing! Of course, that last maxim is something of a cliché, and is also subject to the previous maxim of "Shit happens". In other words, some times even a sure thing doesn't win. In a one horse race, sometimes that horse doesn't finish! But we make our own luck by reading the signs, checking the odds, and not taking unnecessary risks! The chap who has had ten car accidents in five years of driving might be incredibly unlucky. It's more likely he's just a really shit driver! Are some people cursed? Well, yes, of course. But that doesn't necessarily mean they have bad luck! I fail to see any connection between curses and luck, because they are, by definition, mutually exclusive. Luck is random, supposedly. A curse is a deliberate, malicious act. Or, to put it another way: Once is happen-stance, twice is coincidence, three times is deliberate!
  • Смотрю на канале "Культура"  выступления певца Градского. Таки он певец. У него музыкальная культура, дай Бог каждому! А вот голос, хоть и красивый, но слабоват, и диапазон не так чтоб очень  ...  И всё же, он явление в нашей музыкальной культуре. 
  • Actually yes I do think some people are more fortunate than others. Some people just have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and when they combine it with being prepared, the magic just flows. Unfortunately I've seen way too many people for whom the opposite seems just as true. It's not just that they never seem to learn the lessons Life sends them it's more the case that they refuse to do so! And thus to their great dismay, they are doomed to repeat them endlessly. One girl in particular stands out in my mind. (My mother nicknamed her "Flipper".) Flipper had absolutely no taste when it came to men and the worse they were for her the better she liked them. She always carried a gun in her car because of her first ex-husband and too many ex-boyfriends to count. I distanced myself when she married yet again. She'd only known the guy for a couple of months and I tried my best to talk her into taking more time to make her decision (I'd met the guy), but she was adamant. What got me was her saying that "she hoped it would all work out". I might have expected a starry-eyed little teenager to say something like that but a forty-something woman with a track-record of nothing but losers? Some of you may think that was cowardly of me but I simply couldn't stand watching her do it to herself any more. I'm just not callous enough to treat it as a joke or as a pretext for gathering "soap opera" material. I am convinced that the hardest thing in the world to do is to rescue people from themselves. Compared with that, making philosopher's stone looks like a piece of cake. (Fruitcake made with fruit from the Forbidden Tree of Eden, I'll grant you, but a piece of cake nonetheless.)
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