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Are you happy at your current job? Do you think there's such a thing as a dream job? What do you hope to be doing five or ten years from now? Are you working towards that goal?

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  • I love my current job! I have some good friends there and the hours work perfectly with my school schedule. There is definitely such a thing as a dream job. Mine is to be a music journalist. In five or ten years I want to be interviewing bands and doing something I love. I'm taking my first journalism class right now and it's amazing. it's the best class I've ever taken and my professor is really cool. He said I have lots of talent as a journalist and it made my month. Oh yeah. I'm a dork.

  • Surprisingly, YES!

    I never really dreamed of becoming a teacher. Yes, i played the "teacher game" back when i was young - me, the teacher, and my younger cousins, my students. But that was it. As i grew older, I realized my potential of being a teacher was close to nil. I am shy and introvert.

    Being a teacher is a very tiring yet fulfilling job. You feel tired before classes start. You prepare for today's lecture, even if it's just a laboratory class. What more so for a lecture class? You should be knowledgeable of all the things related to your subject. You should be able to anticipate the questions your student will be asking.

    After the class, that's when you feel the joy. It's amazing how a simple "thank you" from your students can erase the frustrations and stress that you feel. What's even more amazing is when you see that they appreciate the things that you thought them, that they listened intently to the things that you were saying and that they gave you a two thumbs up for a job well done. It's like the most amazing feeling in the world, better than drinking your hot cup of cappuccino. :D


    This is not what I see myself doing for a long time. I don't see myself this committed to teaching as much as i wanted to. In short, this isn't my life's calling.


    Blame it on my mom who used to tag me along in her medical missions. Blame it on the curious me who was somehow fascinated by the sight of blood and the internal organs, the smell of the operating room, the feel of the stethoscope and the sound of a heartbeat. See? I only lack one of the five senses. There's also this unexplainable joy that i feel when i enter a hospital and see those doctor's walking in their white coat, stethoscope hanging around their necks. I also think that scrubs are fashionable.

    Unlike other kids who needs to be bribe to pay a doctor a visit, i would be the first to jump in the car and sing merrily as we drive to the doctor's clinic.

    My dream of becoming a doctor isn't just about the blood, flesh and the sorts. Now, don't raise those eyebrows on me and tell me how gory I am.

    It's also the passion of sharing God's talent in you to help cure and alleviate people's pain and suffering, to bring smiles on their faces, to comfort them, to assure them you'll do everything that you can.

    Being a doctor is being able to help and touch other people's life in a deeply personal level.

  • If only people could be easily contented with what they have at present, the world would be a better place.
    Hmph, dream job? What could be more promising than money, status and reputation?
    People tend to get more and more greedy. When you achieve a million, wouldn't you want to double the amount?
    Me, working towards the goal, don't make me laugh, if I am, why am I still killing time here.

  • On a professional level I'm fairly content with my current job. My supervisor is absolutely awesome. My co-workers are great. I like the work itself - it's challenging and dynamic. I get a good balance of cubicle life as well as being out in the field. I'm paid fairly for what I do, even as a female. Once I pay off 'ze evil credit cards', I'll live a very comfortable life, which is all I really care for. But most importantly, I like that my work is acknowledged, appreciated and used by people who have sacrificed for a greater cause than themselves - not Mr. Money-bags lining their pockets from my toils and troubles. I have a couple dream jobs, actually. Staying in my current field, I want to be the facilities director of a Vetrans Administration hospital. I also dream about running my own (or my future husband's) business. Maybe something like an engineering company of some kind. Who knows. I think it'd be pretty cool to be a copy-editor for awhile. Work off my laptop as I travel the world. It'd be pretty cool. Maybe something to do when I retire from running a VA hospital. I can definitely be very close to being the facility director of the VA hospital in 5-10 years. Totally working on it. I could possibly be on the way to running a personal business. That depends on what comes across my life's path. On a personal level My ultimate dream 'job' is to have a family - be a wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, etc. I know I'll get there.
  • haha, i hate my job. i'm just a stupid cashier at stupid kroger. i think there is a dream job for everyone. dream jobs aren't about how much money you make, they're about how happy they make you and others around you. for example, i'm going into special education for emotionally impaired children. it doesn't pay a lot, but i don't care because i know that i'll be helping and making a good difference. and i can also empathize with them, and they empathize with me, and being around young kids just makes everything seem so "okay" in the world during those special moments i spend with them. :) <3

  • Herro!

    It has been exactly.. a long time.. since my last post and my my my have I BEEN BUSY!

    The new job is awesome. It has it's wee stressful moments. Okay.. some moments are pretty flipping stressful but I'm pretty sure that boils down to the lack of training I had in certain areas and of course the important costly machines break when you need them. I've already had a last minute deadline thrown on me and I had to stay back until around 9pm to get most of the job done. But it was fine.. I actually enjoyed it. I LOVE THE JOB! Seriously. I can't believe I am lucky enough to have gotten it!! So now I'm officially a graphics/video editor for an adult company. WOO FREAKING HOO. Here are some of my jobs that I do:

    * Cut out any scenes from new titles that the censorship office deem inappropriate.
    * Author DVDs for replication NZ wide (making the menus work, formatting it so you can't skip our ads.. etc)
    * Putting numbers, barcodes and clauses onto the DVD slicks before they are sent for replication.
    * Burning porn for hotels.
    * Designing, creating, printing logos, billboards, signs, etc.
    * Editing with Edius. Graphics with Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
    * Cutting up tapes from the sex expos.. making ads.. etc.
    * Filming, editing porn (including stuff I make for the company)

    So all in all.. pretty fucking mint job!!

    We've moved house.. still have a SHITE LOAD to unpack but it's so lovely here! It's a 4 minute drive to work (for me) and I'm feeling visibly relaxed and just incredibly happy. :-)

    Contemplating going to this Halloween party soon.. it's held on a reserve.. byo tent/grog.. and basically everyone runs wild for the night in this paddock.. it's at a friend of a friends so I'm feeling a bit awkward about it.. but intrigued.

    I LOVE CAMILLE O'SULLIVAN. She makes my stomach jump around excitably.

    Oh also, I've been asked to submit some drawings for a kids book.. I've done a few drawings and I'm getting happy with my ideas.. so to see my drawings in a book.. well that would be pretty fucking swell, right?

    BUSY BUSY but very happy. :-)

  • жду пенсию

  • Right now i am not happy with my job. I currently am working as a busser at a restaraunt and they will only give me 2 days a week. But I have to be happy with at least that the way that the economy is. I think there is a such thing as a dream job. My opinion of it is working at a job that I am happy with and making a lot of money. I hope that in the next ten years I have a good degree from college and I will be working at a business dealing with accounting. I am currently working towards that goal by trying to get a degree in that area and hope that I can reach it soon.

  • 1=Still looking. 2=No. 3=5=Probably still here. 10=hopefully in my own hellhole with my own job... hopefully. 4=I'm getting around to it.... =\
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